Budget Task Force Issues Report

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Local 88 leadership saw the economy begin to unravel as the rest of the country did in September of 2008.  Recognizing that this downturn had the potential to be  long-term and cut dramatically into Multnomah County’s budget and thus Local 88 positions, Local 88’s President and Vice-President formed a Budget Task Force of fourteen volunteers.

The Budget Task Force was formed to accomplish three primary goals:  preserve as many Local 88 jobs as possible, preserve core County services to the community, protect the local economy by keeping people employed rather than on unemployment rolls which further worsen Oregon’s struggling economy.

The Task Force met weekly beginning in November until February and now meets about once every other week.  The first meetings were about gathering data — what is the state of the county’s finances, how many positions exist in management and represented staff, where is our funding coming from and where will it likely be cut, and  so on.  As these numbers were assembled the Task Force took to the job of coming up with ideas that would save the county money – and thus Local 88 jobs.  The list that was generated was extensive and wide-ranging.

Taking the list of ideas and then calculating the savings, the Task Force made a new list that contained the ideas that would save the largest amount of money and therefore the largest number of Local 88 jobs. These ideas were then submitted to the members to survey their preferred option(s).  From this, we then negotiated with the county on an acceptable option both sides could live with.

The Task Force is now engaged in creating metrics to ensure that the agreement we reached on the wage freeze will be honored, staff to management ratios are represented properly during the layoff process, and other oversight activities to save money and more importantly ensure the largest number of Local 88 positions are saved.

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