Protect PERS: Know the Facts

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Dear AFSCME Members:

Oregon Council 75 has put together a document outlining some recent statements and risks to our PERS system. The quotes on the front page alone should be enough to cause concern for the future of our pension plan.

When PERS was created decades ago, AFSCME fought to make it better, and we were successful. Ever since the legislature “reformed” PERS several years, AFSCME has been fighting in court and in Salem to get PERS back to where it ought to be. Now with budgets tighter than ever, PERS has again become a target for cuts.

Our lobbyists in Salem are working with the legislature and so far no action has been taken that presents a direct threat to PERS. So there is no “call to action” at the moment, but I want you as AFSCME members to be aware and to have some information so you can respond the next time your neighbor complains that PERS is the problem.

[ Click here ] to view the document.

Bryan Lally
Business Agent
AFSCME Council 75

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