Dues Cap: Vote Results

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Amendment #1 “Keep current dues cap of $65 until December 31, 2010”:
YES  89%
NO  11%

Amendment #2 “Starting January 1, 2011…”:
Option A “Keep Dues Cap”: 78%
Option B “Remove Dues Cap”: 22%

Questions on Amendment #1

Q: Will the County or Union collect back dues if the retroactive vote doesn’t pass?
A: The County will not collect retroactive dues, and Local 88 has no plan to collect them.

Questions on Amendment #2

Q: What happens now that Option A passed?
A: The current cap of $65 will remain in place until December 31, 2010. Then it may or may not increase, depending on whether or not AFSCME members nationwide received an average increase in wages. There will still be a cap, and it will remain in place each year, to be increased incrementally. We think that any increase this year will likely be minimal due to the current economy.

Q: What salary level will trigger an increase in my dues?
A: If you make $55,714.32 annually, or $26.79 per hour, 1.4% of your base pay comes to $65.00 per month. If your base pay is more than that, you will pay more than $65.00 per month if the cap is removed or if it increases.
An online dues calculator has been created here. ]

Q: How much will my dues increase?
A: If your salary is less than $55,724.32 annually, you will not see any dues increase. If your salary is more than $55,724.32 annually: Under Option A which passed, your dues would increase up to the level of the new cap if above $65.


Q: How was the vote be decided?
A: For both amendments, 50% +1 of those voting will decide the vote.

Q: Was there a minimum number of people who have to vote in order for the vote to be valid?
A: No. If only 10 people vote, those ten will decide this issue. We hope that everyone who is eligible will vote.