Sign the Petition for WI & OH!

By admin / On / In Council 75 & AFSCME International, Political Action

The radical proposals by the governors in Wisconsin and Ohio would not just gut public services and jobs, they would take away the rights of workers to collectively bargain and the basic freedom to join a union — effectively eliminating public employee unions.

The goals of these efforts are simple: reduce the tax bills of the ultra-rich, privatize public services and deflect blame away from corporations for the reckless behavior that caused the economy to tank.

We’ve seen what has happened to workers in the private sector. We’re not going to let it happen in the public sector. This race to the bottom has got to end, for the sake of all middle-class families in America.

These governors got elected promising to focus on jobs, and instead they are settling political scores.  They may win a short-term victory, but the people will eventually reject their reactionary policies.

We are standing up for public service workers everywhere.

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