FREDS State of the Cuts Address 4/8/11

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Next week there will be two union FREDS Task Force meetings on site, at the times and locations indicated in today’s email to FREDS members. DCJ staff rep Bryan Lally will attend both sessions along with the MAT Coordinator, and our President Michael Hanna will be at the Thursday meeting. Both meetings have been approved by management with help from our excellent FREDS Task Force Leads, members do not be concerned about repercussions from attending. You can use your lunch break to attend the meeting; we will be in the Banfield Building for an extended period of time to accommodate as many different staggerings of lunch breaks as possible. Please come, and bring as many coworkers as you can!

For an update on the next Multnomah Evolves Steering Committee, as of right now, their next meeting has not been scheduled yet, but we are expecting for it to happen after the Chair’s budget comes out in early May. As soon as it is scheduled, the time and location will be provided.

Mindy Harris’s DCM Budget & Organizational Changes/Multnomah Evolves Update went out to all of DCM members this morning, meaning everyone in FREDS should have received it; it didn’t have much in it that we haven’t already told our members, but if there was anything that you didn’t understand or were not familiar with, please feel free to clarify with Bryan or Rachel. The DCM restructure Harris discusses is the same one we told members about in last Friday’s FREDS State of the Cuts Address. The county has seen how involved all of Local 88 has been in fighting these proposed cuts, and all of our members who have gotten involved in this Task Force and our contract campaign should be proud of the difference you are making.

Currently we are working on scheduling a time to meet with the Chair’s office to deliver Tom Guiney’s report soon, to make them fully aware of the findings within it, specifically how our numbers do not match the numbers that the Coraggio Group found in their report. We hope that presenting Tom’s findings will have significant influence on what decisions are made from here on in regards to implementing the Coraggio recommendations, because of the flawed methodology those recommendations are based upon, and our finding that cutting FREDS will not benefit the county. You will be updated on when we deliver the report after a date is reached.

Lastly, in our previous FREDS State of the Cuts Address (4/1/11), a FREDS manager who was being cut was mentioned by name. It has come to the union’s attention that management preferred the name not be publicly disclosed; we apologize, and have edited out the name to protect the manager’s privacy. Although we maintain our autonomy and our right for candid communication with our members, layoffs are difficult for everyone, and we did not intend to be insensitive or cause additional hardship.