Green Out 2.0 on June 30th! Download flier here.

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The clock is ticking for getting a fair contract!

The county has dragged out contract negotiations with us since winter, at one time meeting with us only once in an entire month – and now our contract is set to expire on June 30th while we’re still locked in the struggle for a fair contract.

We can’t afford these stalling techniques, so we’re staging a huge action in one of the bargaining sites, the Multnomah Building, on Thursday. There’s also a way for workers in every worksite and building to participate in the fight for a fair contract now, even if you can’t get off work – by clicking here to download a Green Out flier.

Print a flier and put it up in your individual workplace on the day our contract expires – this Thursday, June 30th – to show Management you stand with our union bargaining team and demand they show movement at the bargaining table for a fair contract now.

After you printed the flier and put it up in your workspace, be sure to send a picture to so it gets added to our facebook and twitter! See the Green Out happen live at and

United we bargain, divided we beg!