Call to Action: Help Restore Funding for ADS!

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AFSCME is a proud member of the Campaign for Oregon’s Seniors and People With Disabilities.   This campaign is fighting to restore state funding for programs that help seniors to live independently and with dignity in their own homes and communities.   At Multnomah County,  these programs are implemented by our Local 88 members in the Aging and Disabilities Services Division of DCHS.  Cuts to these programs will not only hurt the senior citizens they serve, but may also lead to layoffs for our union brothers and sisters.

As we approach the crucial closing weeks of the 2012 Legislature,  we ask for your help.   Please CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS with the following message:

Cutting services to seniors should be a last resort.  We should not dismantle Oregon’s highly cost effective community based long-term care system,  a system that is a national model that other states emulate.  Oregon must shelter our most vulnerable citizens as much as possible, and  keep them independent wherever practical.  When independence is lost,  long-term care alternatives are substantially more costly.  There are options for balancing the state budget that do not require cutting DHS programs for seniors and persons with disabilities.   Please consider those alternatives before cuting these vital services.

We are also asking that you also contact the leadership of the Joint Ways and Means Committeewith the above message.  Those folks are:

For more information on this campaign, please go to:


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