Local 88 Endorses Danny Donohue for AFSCME President

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Letter from Danny Donohue and Alice Goff to AFSCME members. 

Dear AFSCME Sisters and Brothers,

June 21, 2012 will be an important date in AFSCME history. For the first time in three decades, AFSCME members will elect both a new President and Secretary-Treasurer of our International union.

AFSCME LogoThe question of union leadership has never been more crucial. Together we face unprecedented challenges across the county, and we have much work to do.

We are announcing our candidacies for International President and Secretary-Treasurer. We have been colleagues in AFSCME for over 20 years and share the experience of leading locals that have had to fight back against brutal attacks over the years. We have a bond in our commitment to this union, a vision for facing the challenges to come, and the passion to get the job done.

New leadership is needed to help chart a new course for the future. It is time for a new beginning, a fresh perspective and creative ideas. With AFSCME members in Councils and Locals across the country engaged in crucial fights to protect hard won collective bargaining rights, contracts, wages, health care and pensions, we need leaders who know first-hand what these battles require. We know what you and other AFSCME members across the country are facing because we are AFSCME members and Local Presidents. We are facing the same threats, cutbacks and attacks, and we are fighting back in city halls, school board meetings, Governors’ mansions, and on the streets.

We are running for the leadership of our great union because it’s time for AFSCME to refocus our priorities and review how our International Union works.

We will work to make sure that local leaders have the tools they need to meet the crises that members are facing today–and not just after the crises hit. It is essential that the international union provide resources, coordination and guidance to enable affiliates to develop a unified and coherent program and response that strengthens us all. We must seek out the best practices, what actually works, and make sure that they are shared throughout the union.

Our union cannot survive and thrive in these challenging times unless it reaches out beyond Washington insiders and inside-the-beltway thinking. Some of the toughest battles AFSCME has ever faced are being fought day-in and day-out by local unions all across the country. We have lived and breathed the life of local and council leaders for decades. We will invite everyone to the table. We will be open to new ideas, no matter from whom or where they come. And we will listen to make sure that the widest possible array of views is taken into account when the tough decisions are made.

We will commit to ensure organizational integrity, transparency, and accountability. We will ensure that the priorities and the budgets of our union will be transparent for all to see how the members’ money is spent.

ONE AFSCME will mean unity and inclusion, ensuring that all views are taken into account and that women, young workers, and all minority groups are fully represented on decision-making bodies. Every perspective, every set of experiences, every voice will lead to a new way of facing the challenges to come.

That’s why our candidacy is not just another political campaign. It is not about the candidates; it is about the members. It is a movement – a movement for new priorities, new focus, more unity, more accountability and more transparency.

Please keep in touch with us during the campaign through our campaign website – www.ONEAFSCME.com.

Help us spread the word. Talk to your co-workers. E-mail this announcement to 5 friends. Tweet about our campaign. Post our campaign announcement video to your Facebook page. Help us communicate our message.

We ask you to be a part of this movement for ONE AFSCME, and we are asking for your endorsement and support.

In solidarity,

Danny Donohue
President, CSEA, Local 1000
Candidate for International President

Alice Goff
President, Council 36 and Local 3090
Candidate for International Secretary-Treasurer


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