Wisconsin Election Results

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Something to keep in mind this election night, from Norman Goldman:

“To my friends concerned about the Wisconsin results: PLEASE keep in mind the short term; medium term and long term. Lyndon Johnson won an historic landslide in 1964 – and got big reverses 2 years later. The Koch brothers and the other $$ boys would not stop even if they keep losing elections – they recognize that things change; tides turn and the fight is NEVER over. Unlike a sports event, there is NO CLOCK here and we just fight on. Did the Republicons fold their tents in 2008 – and say “oh, well, I guess it’s all over”? Nope and neither can we! There is nothing that happened here that a new elections cannot fix!” ¬†– Norman Goldman, host of “The Norman Goldman Show”

And, let’s not forget that the Democrats in Wisconsin were outspent 8-1. ¬†That kind of financial tsunami is extremely hard to overcome and illustrates the poison money represents to our democracy.