A Library District: A Stable Future

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Photo: Jamie Francis, The Oregonian 2012

In May, your vote to extend the temporary levy kept neighborhood libraries from closing. The Board of County Commissioners understood that renewing the levy would cut library services by 23%, but wanted to ensure that doors remained open.

Now, Chair Cogen and the four county commissioners are considering a permanent solution to our library’s long-term funding problem. They are seeking input on a library district. A district would restore hours and services, and create stable funding for our award-winning library.

County leaders want to know if voters will support a move toward permanent library funding. The decision to refer a library district to the November 2012 ballot will be based on the results of public comment this month.

Let the Board of County Commissioners know that you support stable, permanent library funding. Ask them to refer a library district to the November 2012 ballot.

Let’s eliminate stop-gap funding for such an important community resource. Please give your input today.

Your Opinion Matters!
Send a note to the Board of County Commissioners – let them know you support a permanent library district. Also, share your ideas about the future of our library in their online survey.

Make Your Voice Heard
Community listening sessions will take place at neighborhood libraries during the month of July. County commissioners are hosting these sessions to hear your thoughts about library funding.

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