Local 88 PAC Endorsement Process

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  1. Inform the membership to contact the Local 88 Vice President if interested in joining Political Action Committee (PAC).
  2. Meet with PAC to review process and develop member driven written candidate questionnaire.
  3. Pick a “cutoff date” when you will reach out to Elections Office registered candidates.
  4. Get contact information from Elections Office website of all candidates who have registered, and notify candidates of endorsement process and send written questionnaire (to be completed by time of verbal interview).
  5. Schedule a 1-on-1 verbal interview between PAC and each candidate.
  6. After interviewing all candidates, PAC debates and tries to reach consensus on recommendation for endorsement.
  7. PAC prepares written report of candidates for members.
  8. Schedule “candidate forum” with all members and candidates (usually at a General Membership meeting).
  9. Hold “candidate forum” where the candidates for each office are on a panel together, and have PAC Chair or designated facilitator take written questions from audience, and asks  these questions of candidates within allotted time. Each candidate gets opening remarks, 2 min response to each question, and closing remarks.
  10. When candidates are all done and leave, suspend Robert’s Rules and allow open discussion for 15 mins, but no Motions.
  11. After 15 minute discussion, share PAC recommendation(s) on candidates.
  12. Then resume Robert’s Rules and entertain Motion to endorse for each office (request separate Motion for endorsement vs. financial donations).  It has been Local 88 custom to endorse candidates at one General Membership meeting and pass Motions for financial contribution at subsequent General Membership meeting the following month.
  13. Debate and vote on each Motion.
  14. Notify candidates of results ASAP, in person if possible, over the phone if not.
  15. Send out Press Release about all endorsements.
  16. Fill out endorsement form (MCED015) and file with Elections Office by deadline for Voter’s Pamphlet.
  17. Find out from each endorsed candidate what they need help with most for their campaign.  Contact Council 75 Political Department to coordinate efforts with them.
  18. Educate members and organize volunteers for canvassing, phone banking, leafleting, or whatever else the candidate needs.
  19. After ballots have been mailed out, work with Council 75 Political Department to turn out the vote.

Members: Anyone interested in being involved in the Political Action Committee should contact Jason Heilbrun: jasonlocal88@gmail.com.