Take the Pledge with AFSCME

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Dear AFSCME Sisters and Brothers,

Happy New Year. And thank you. Thank you for the work you do every day making a difference in your communities.

You only need to look to your sisters and brothers — who keep their cities and towns running during record-breaking winter storms and cold — to see just how vital the services we provide truly are. They might make the news, but the truth is each and every one of you make our communities happen.

Yet still, as the new year begins, the foes of workers and the middle class are committed to stealing our pensions, outsourcing public services, dismantling workers’ rights, and giving tax breaks to corporations and the super rich.

They just left 1.3 million Americans out in the cold right after Christmas by cancelling unemployment benefits because they said our country can’t afford it. We can’t afford not to support these struggling job seekers — morally or economically. This will push many into poverty and homelessness, costing our economy a lot more in the long term. That’s why we’re pressing Congress to do the right thing now and renew federal unemployment insurance.

Source: The Economic Policy Institute

Unions brought us the weekend and the 40-hour work week. Unions created the middle class. And unions are essential for protecting it — and saving America from those who are all too happy to sacrifice democracy for the sake of profit. Just look at the above chart that shows the relationship between labor union density and income inequality. In short, when unions are strong, everyone benefits.

Help us make 2014 the year we tilt the playing field back to even for working families. It won’t be easy, but we know we can do it. If we don’t, who will? Say you’re with us and pledge to fight back today.

Let’s make 2014 the year of respect for workers, working families, our communities and the work we do.

In solidarity,