Postal Heritage Day

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Celebrate the 239th Birthday of the People’s Postal Service
Protest Privatization of Our Post Offices!

Ben Franklin, our first Postmaster General in 1775, would be rolling in his grave! Staples and the US Postal Service have cut a deal that jeopardizes our nation’s public post offices, the sanctity of the mail and thousands of good jobs at living wages. Staples has contracted with the USPS to staff post offices installed within their stores. In pilot openings last fall, 82 post offices were launched inside Staples stores with low-paid, poorly trained worked workers (the average Staples worker makes $18,000 per year). If the pilots are ‘successful’, the USPS plans to open post offices inside every one of the almost 1,600 Staples stores nationwide, beginning this September.

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Portland Rising BBQ

Noon – 3pm, Sunday, August 3rd

Site B, Columbia Park, 7701 N Chautauqua Blvd.