Local 88 Bargaining Update 8-6-14

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Local88-TransparentLogoThe Local 88 bargaining team reached tentative agreement with the county on a number of articles we’ve been going back and forth over. Now that those items are off the table, the remainder of our bargaining will be devoted mainly to financial proposals, like the cost of living increase and health care. Our next bargaining session is scheduled for Wednesday, August 20.

The following is a summary of the articles we have reached agreement on:

Article 2 Definitions
If an employee is absent for up to 3 months of their 12-month probationary period, the probation can be extended for that amount of time. The previous language allowed a probationary employee to be absent for up to 6 months.

Article 5 Union Security
The county will provide the union with a monthly report of hours worked by on-call workers

The county will provide a monthly report of retirees from Local 88 positions

The union’s maintenance of membership language will be added.

Article 15 Classifications & Pay Ranges
Management can make an upward pay adjustment to an employee’s wage in order to resolve a pay inequity within a work unit or department. The union will be notified of the occasions when this is done and will be provided with the reason the adjustment was made. If there is more than one upward pay adjustment in the same classification within a 12-month period, management will initiate a compensation study for that classification.

When management is going to fill a temporary vacancy, the supervisor and the recruiter must first determine whether it is appropriate to be offered as a work out of class opportunity/ temporary appointment. If management decides to fill it with a temporary employee, they must, upon request, provide the rationale for the decision.

Article 21 Seniority & Layoff
Management and the union will create a work team to study the seniority tie-breaking process.

Employees who are absent from work for more than 30 consecutive days on an FMLA or OFLA condition will not lose seniority.

Article 22 Shift & Work Assignment
When a laid off employee is offered a recall to employment, they have 7 days to respond to the offer

The 5 most senior employees who are interested in a transfer are guaranteed an interview.

Trainee positions can be created for difficult-to-fill positions, or to develop employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities. Upon successful completion of the trainee period the employee is eligible to be promoted into the classification.

Addendum G Department of Community Justice
The Recognizance unit will have days of rest (for overtime purposes) calculated in the same way the Sheriff’s Office calculates it

Addendum H Drug & Alcohol Policy
It is a violation of the drug and alcohol policy to solicit drugs or alcohol in the work place

Employees who violate the drug and alcohol policy may be required to undergo an assessment at management discretion

If an employee violates a last-chance agreement then they are not entitled to a pre-termination meeting, however they retain the right to grieve the termination

Addendum J School Based Employees
Employees will not lose seniority during the annual summer layoff

Employees will maintain health care benefits during the annual summer layoff

Previous lateral transfer language will be added back