Medical and Dental Plan Rate Changes Effective January 1, 2015

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There are no significant changes to plans or coverage levels for calendar year 2015. The percentage of the employee contribution remains the same; MODA enrollees will pay 6.75% of the premium cost and Kaiser enrollees will pay 5% of the premium cost .

medical-caduceusHowever, there are premium cost changes for the 2015 plan calendar year, primarily due to increasing costs in the healthcare industry overall. What has changed is the amount of the total premium cost to the county and that will result in an increase to your contribution. Rate sheets may be viewed below with more detail on the Local 88 website.

Local 88 has very strong, valuable contract language that requires the Union’s agreement before the County can make changes to your insurance plans. These decisions about plan design are discussed by the Employee Benefit Advisory Team (EBAT).

The types of decisions we make range from which insurance providers we contract with to the amount of co-pays and deductibles. We review information about how often our members use various services, (no personal information is seen) the cost of those services, potential increases in premium costs, ways contain those costs with the least adverse impact to our members and their families. Also current changes in the law (Affordable Care Act-ACA) and the potential impacts to insurance coverage. Due to the incremental changes made in 2012 and 2013, the 2014 plan year had no cost increases for the Moda Medical and Dental plans, and the Kaiser rate increases were less than they would have been without changes and negotiations.

Five AFSCME members from various County departments as well as AFSCME Staff are on the EBAT. Representatives from other labor unions in the County also attend these meetings, and while all Unions receive and discuss information about benefits in the EBAT, we each retain the right to make decisions for our own members. With increasing healthcare costs and changes occurring at the state and federal level, it has taken, and will continue to require, significant strategic thinking and creativity to control these costs. Some changes will be advantageous, and others difficult for employees and their dependents. The EBAT approach to this challenge has been to make smaller, incremental changes over a longer period of time to minimize impacts on employees.

Effective for plan year January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015, monthly Premium Adjustments for Kaiser and Moda Medical and Dental Plan rates are as follows:


  • Kaiser Medical: +4.0%
  • Moda Medical: +5.5%


  • Kaiser Dental: +6.4%
  • Moda Dental: -15.4%

The rates for 2015 (shown below) were arrived at by using last year’s rates and multiplying by the % increase for each plan. They include only the single and family tiers. For complete information on the employee +1 and Major Medical Plan, click [ THIS LINK ].

Healthcare Costs 2015


For complete information on the employee +1 and Major Medical Plan, click [ THIS LINK ].