2014 Local 88 Contract Voting and Q&A

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We will vote on the proposed 2014-2017 contract Thursday Nov 13 & Friday Nov 14.

Q&AAs soon as the time and locations for the contract vote are finalized they will be sent in a county email to Local 88 members and posted on our website.

Please bring your county identification or picture identification when you come to vote.

Current regulations do not allow mail in or absentee ballots. Our members can only vote in person at a locked ballot box. Fair share members are not allowed to vote, by law.
Union cards will be available at each voting location to sign up for membership to become eligible to vote.

Information on the contract changes with more detail will be posted to the Local 88 website as soon as possible so you know what you are voting for. A hard copy of the changes will be available for review at each ballot box.

The COLA is retroactive back to 7/1/2014. Assuming the contract is ratified, it then goes to the Board for approval. We do not expect to see the retro COLA payment before January 2015.

Future COLA in this contract will be CPI only as management did not move off the position and we could not get the additional 1%. Minimum COLA is 1%, maximum COLA is 4%.

Voting is not on County paid time, it will need to be before or after work, or on break or lunch. We will have ballot box hours as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m. in various locations across the county. The locations and times will be provided as soon as the location reservations are confirmed.

HR will encourage supervisors to be flexible with employees’ breaks and lunch to allow them to go vote and come back to work.

We are working on finalizing the contract language, formatting, etc. and expect to have an electronic draft in due process. We will provide links to that for employees on the Local 88 website when available.

Local 88 Officers and Staff Reps are recommending a yes vote to ratify this contract language.

Q & A

Why will it take so long to get our COLA?
There must be a notice to members of the contract ratification vote, arrange the location and time for the ballot boxes and then hold the vote and count the ballots.

Once the ballots are counted and if the contract language is ratified, the county Board must also vote on contract approval at a regularly scheduled Thursday Board meeting. After approval by the board, the payroll department must update member payroll data and validate the information. This takes time but will be completed as soon as allowable and possible.

How do I know what I’m voting for? Where is the new contract language?
The tentative agreement language is being incorporated into current language and as soon as this is complete it will be shared with the membership on the Local 88 website. There will be copies of the language changes available at each voting location so members may review it before voting if they wish.

I can’t come to a ballot box, may I vote by mail, email or proxy?
No, each member must show identification and be on a county provided list of employees and initial next to their name on the list before they are issued a ballot. Ballots are cast then and there, into a locked ballot box.

I don’t know if I’m a union member or fair share. Can I vote anyway?
If your name is on the county list as fair share you may not vote on the contract. There will be union cards to sign if you wish to become a member at which time you may vote on the contract and enjoy all the benefits of union membership.

I already signed a union card. Why is my name on the list as fair share?
It takes time for your information to make it into the database and show up on the list as a member. You may sign another card at the ballot box and then vote.