Increase in Maximum Dues

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The Local 88 maximum dues per month are currently capped at $65.80 ($32.90 per paycheck). This maximum amount is indexed to the maximum dues of the national AFSCME organization and each year a calculation is done to see if the national average wages of all 1.6 million AFSCME workers has increased.  In 2014, there was a small national increase. This means that starting with the January 31, 2015 paycheck there will be a maximum dues cap increase of $0.65 ($0.33 per paycheck), and the new maximum dues per month will be capped at $66.45 ($33.22 per paycheck).  This ONLY affects employees who have reached the maximum dues amount each month. The majority of members will see no increase in dues, which remains at 1.4% of base wages, as outlined in the Local 88 Constitution.