Details on the $15 Minimum Wage Increase

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Multnomah County’s Board of Commissioners approved the AFSCME Local 88 bargaining agreement for 2014-2017.  At this time there are technical questions still to be answered.  When will the 2.7% cola be applied to the member hourly wage, when will members receive the retro cola payment  (we know not before January) and what tax year will the retro cola payment apply.  As soon as the president has these answers they will be shared with the membership.

As part of the agreement with Local 88, the county will raise the minimum wage for part-time and full-time county employees to $15 per hour by the end of the contract in 2017. The Local 88 president and vice president informed leadership that temp and on-call workers would not receive the same raise.

After the board voted on the agreement, County Chair Deborah Kafoury announced that this key wage increase in the agreement will be extended to several hundred on-call and temporary employees who are not part of Local 88 and are not part of the Local 88 agreement.

This move is by executive decision out of a sense of fairness to all of the county’s lowest-paid employees.  The action that Chair Kafoury announced will extend the phased-in wage increase to about 400 on-call and temporary employees.  Most of these employees work for the Elections Office during elections, or as library pages.

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