HCAO Rally on the Capitol Steps!

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Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO)Mark your calendar and join us on the Capitol steps in Salem, February 11th. Rally Rev starts at 11 am and the Rally Program from 12 to 1 pm. We expect 2,500 people carrying signs and banners supporting universal, publicly funded (single payer) healthcare in Oregon enjoying a program of great music and inspiring speakers.

HCAO educates citizens and public officials about the need for a health care system that ensures comprehensive, high- quality health care for all provides care based on patients’ needs, not on maximizing profits focuses on education, prevention, effective treatment, and improved outcomes is publicly coordinated and financed—to minimize administrative costs, duplication, and waste and maximize the resources directed to medical providers and medical care.

You can also join a group to meet with your legislators to tell them we want health care for all people! It is not ok that every year thousands of Oregonians die because they are unable to afford basic health care. Don’t wait – start your plans now to fill a bus, a van, or caravan of cars and spend the day in Salem Rallying with HCAO Supporters.

Register for the HCAO Feb 11th Rally today (below).

Everybody in and nobody out! Why?
Because we believe health care is a basic human right! 

More Information www.hcao.org
Questions? mobilization@hcao.org

Download the flyer [ HERE ].

Health Care for All-Oregon (HCAO) is a statewide, citizen-led, non- profit organization founded on the belief that affordable health care is a basic need and right for ALL Oregonians. Our mission is to create a comprehensive, fair, publicly funded, system that makes effective, high- quality health care accessible and affordable for all Oregonians.