L88 Seniority List Updated

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The annual Local 88 seniority list has been updated for 2015.

Local 88 employees have 30 days, until April 2, 2015, to review the list and contact Human Resources with errors.  After the review period, the list will be republished reflecting any changes.  If employees believe there is an error in their seniority dates, they should contact (1) their department HR unit or (2) Steve Herron in Labor Relations  using the process outlined in the cover letter on Multco Commons.

Employees can access the seniority list and related information at the Multco Commons.

Employees should take note of the following seniority appeal provisions:

  • If no grievance is filed within 30 days of an employee contacting Central Human Resources about a seniority issue, the seniority calculation is deemed correct and no grievances may be filed on that issue at a later date.
  • Employees may only file grievances over seniority calculations since the effective date of the previous contract – July 1, 2011.
  • Seniority date appeals are frozen during the bumping/layoff process. This year, the freeze date begins May 1, 2015.

The following types of employees are not reflected on the seniority list because they do not accrue seniority:

  • Temporary
  • On-call
  • Limited duration employees (note: regular employees with a limited duration assignment will be listed in their base classification).