Market Wage Adjustment Study (Class Comp)

By President / On / In Local 88, Members

Local 88 and the county have now shared jurisdiction and wage data for all classifications in the study.  With all data now on the table we’ve begun earnest discussion on jurisdictions to use for wage comparison.

Where both L88 and the county selected the same jurisdictions to use  for comparison and determined the midpoint of the wage range, the two sides have a tentative agreement on market adjustment proposals.  Until the entire package reaches agreement, the specifics may not be published.  

In a few cases we differ on the jurisdictions or job classifications selected to use as a comparison.  Both sides will review the data and will come back to the table to bargain which comparisons to use.  

There will be a secondary meeting to review the job duties of Mult Co Corrections Techs and compare them to the job duties from the jurisdictions presented by both sides.

There will be a secondary meeting to review  of the work in the OA jurisdictions to determine if the classifications match the level of work of the county and are truly comparable. For instance, is an Office Specialist 1 at the State comparable to an OA1 or OA2 in in Mult Co. 

We will continue to pass on updates as they become available