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Dear Multnomah County Commissioners,

With anticipated budget cuts and funding uncertainties at various levels of government, we, members of AFSCME Local 88, our brothers and sisters in other locals and unions, and members of the greater Portland community expect the County Commissioners to support protect and defend:

  • Equitable access for all to quality medical, dental, and behavioral health care .
  • Racial justice and the ability for all community members, especially immigrants and people of color, to live safe from the threat of police or ICE violence.
  • Equitable access for all to safe homes where individuals and families can thrive.
  • Equitable access for all to quality educational opportunities .
  • Living wages, safe working conditions and the right of workers to organize.
  • Programs and policies to decrease income disparity .
  • Equitable access for all to healthy foods, clean water and air .
  • Spaces where arts and culture are respected and celebrated.
  • Affordable childcare, recreation and after-school programs that help families and children .

Multnomah County is a better place to live and work when we work together to lift up the most vulnerable in our community.


AFSMCE Local 88 and Local Community Members


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