Bargaining Update, Petition Link, and things you can do


Update: We’ll be bargaining again with the County on October 25. 

Dear Local 88 members,

Our bargaining team has continued to meet and bargain with management for a new union contract over the last month. On 9/27 we made counter proposals on a number of items including wages, leave benefits and other working conditions.  Below is a brief description or how our proposal would impact regular members on two core issues: wages (COLAs), and health insurance. In our next email we will discuss the impact of our proposals regarding equity in the workplace.

In order to get management to move we need your support! Please do the following three things:
1.) Wear green on Wednesdays
2.) Sign the online Petition
3.) Talk to three of your co-workers about bargaining
Impact of our $0.60 COLA floor proposal:
Our proposal for COLA (cost of living adjustment) is still based off of the CPI-W (Consumer Price Index) but includes a $0.60/hour floor in each year of the contract. This means that you get the better of two calculations. This year the CPI-W is 2.2% so the $0.60/hour increase would result in more money than the standard 2.2% for everyone making less that $27.34/hour. If you make $27.34 or more per hour then a 2.2% increase would be applied to your hourly wage.
Example of how our proposal would impact a member: An Office Assistant 2 at Step 1 is currently making $16.53/hour. Under our proposal, they would receive an increase of $0.60 bringing their hourly wage up to $17.13/hour. Under the County’s proposal, the same member would only receive an increase of 2.2% which is roughly equal to a $0.36/hour. The difference over a year is almost $492 for a 40 hour/week employee.  For more information on our wage proposal click here.
Impact of the County’s health insurance proposal:

Beginning in 2019, the County has proposed reduction in their share contribution to our insurance premium for the Kaiser Plan and the Moda Plan. Also beginning in 2019 they have proposed increasing co-pays and a limited deductible increasing our members out of pocket expenses.  The impact of the increase in co-pays on members enrolled in the Kaiser plan will vary significantly based on a member’s circumstances, however, in some cases people will pay hundreds of dollars a year in more co-pays. Members with chronic or serious health conditions are especially at risk.

Example of the impact of the County’s proposed premium share change: An employee that has their family enrolled in Kaiser Medical could see their premium costs increase to between $504 and $540 per year based on the County’s own projections.  Even if a member participates in the County’s proposed Health Engagement Model, the $360 annual premium subsidy offered by the County will not fully offset the increase in cost to a member with family enrollment.

Example of the impact of the County’s proposed increase in out of pocket expenses: An expecting mother with a high-risk pregnancy enrolled in the Kaiser plan and requiring specialty care will spend hundreds of dollars more in out pocket costs over the course of her pregnancy with co-pays for specialty office visit increasing to $25 per visit as well the introduction of $15 co-pays for labs, ultrasounds and other tests as well as the $150 deductible for ambulance services accompanied by the 20% co-insurance.

In our next update we’ll discuss the impact of our equity proposals on improving conditions for all members in the work place.

In Unity,

The Local 88 Bargaining Team

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