Local 88 November Bargaining Update

Over the last few weeks Local 88 members and allies rallied, picketed, and organized at a number of locations and let County management know that they are watching and that they want a fair and equitable contract. This activism is paying off and we saw movement from the management bargaining team during our bargaining session last week.

We made some significant progress on alternative schedules and telework contract language. Conceptually we have agreed that “employee satisfaction” is to be included with the management’s business needs when evaluating alternative schedule requests and that alternative schedules should not be rescinded because of a supervisor’s concerns about your performance unless you were put on notice and were given the opportunity to address the issues. Additionally, the management bargaining team has agreed to include contract language regarding telework in the contract for the first time that addresses the purpose, value, and restrictions regarding telework agreements as well as a process for requesting a telework agreement and how to appeal if you receive a negative response to a request.

We did not receive a response to our proposal covering across the board wage increases, inclement weather/essential employee pay or corrections/jail side differential. However, we are expecting a response later this week that we hope to evaluate.

Finally, management provided a counter proposal regarding health insurance that called for fewer take backs compared to their July proposal, however, it is not in-sync with what we had previously proposed which kept benefits closer to status quo.

What do we need to get to a contract settlement?

1. COLA retro to July 1 that addresses the rising costs of rent and housing in Multnomah County as well as premium compensation for essential employees and for employees working in a jail side setting.

2. The County to back away from its health insurance proposal that would put more costs on workers.

3. Movement from management on our equity proposal for fairness and transparency in the hiring and promotion process. We are very concerned about how the current hiring process impacts all of our members, especially our members who are People of Color.

Remember to wear green on Wednesdays and if you haven’t already, sign and share with your co-workers the support petition.

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