2020 Labor Notes Conference

Labor Notes Conference April 17-19 in Chicago

Labor Notes Conferences are the biggest gatherings out there of grassroots union activists and worker center leaders.

  • Join thousands of union members, officers, and labor activists who are on the front lines in our workplaces and our communities, organizing new workers and collaborate together. Meet activists from across the country and around the world.
  • More than 100 meetings and workshops include creative organizing tactics, beating apathy, running for local union office, winning contract campaigns, bargaining over technology, understanding the economy, life after “right to work,” and reviving the strike.
  • Organize with others in your union, industry, or campaign. Face-to-face meetings to share tactics and swap notes are the heart of the Labor Notes Conference. Join an existing industry, union, or caucus meeting.

Labor Notes

Interested In Attending Labor Notes?

Local 88 membership will be sending 4 members to attend the 2020 Labor Notes Conference held in Chicago from April 17th – 19th. Local 88 is committed to ensuring our members have the tools they need to continue to build a strong Union. Investing in our members to attend Labor Notes is one way to achieve this. Labor Notes provides training on various topics from handling grievances to legal rights on the job. We invite all members in good standing to apply by March 13th, no later than 5pm! Click here to apply.

Our cabinet members will then go through a selection process to review the applications and select the 4 individuals that will be sponsored. Members selected to be sponsored will be notified via email. Members that applied but are not selected will also be notified via email.