Local 88 Contract Ratification & TA Summary

This agreement was reached after a great deal of work by our bargaining team, delegates, MAT’s, stewards and members. Without all of us coming together to bargain and fight the good fight, this TA would not have been possible. We have made economic progress in this bargain, pursued a fairer and more just treatment for all members and held off many of the proposals county management made impacting our insurance: Below is a brief description of the highlights with hyper links to more detailed information on each subject. You can also review the comprehensive summary of all contract changes by article.

Before this tentative agreement can take effect it has to be ratified by the Local 88 membership and the Board of Commissioners. We will be holding open drop-in sessions throughout the county the week of Jan. 22nd to the 26th were you can come by and get additional information about the TA and cast your ballot for ratification. We will also have poling locations in central areas the following week through at least January 30thCheck out the list of drop-in session locations and times.


Economic Progress:

The Cost of Living Increase, retroactive to July 1, 2017, will be $0.60/hour or 2.2% whichever has the greater impact on your hourly wage. For the roughly two-thirds of our members that make less than $27.34/hour, the $0.60 increase will cause the greater increase in your hourly wage. For members making $27.34/hour or more, the 2.2% increase will cause the greater increase to your hourly wage. For employees at the $15/hour minimum on July 1, 2017 instead of a COLA, they will advance one step to $15.29 on that date and then effective (or retroactive to) their anniversary date for this fiscal year will advance to $15.74.  

For July 1, 2018 the Cost of Living Increase will be the Portland Salem CPI-W (Max 4% and Min 1%) OR a $0.60 increase to your hourly wage whichever is greater. We anticipate that the CPI-W for the COLA due on July 1, 2018 will be between 3 and 4% - however, we won’t know the specific number until mid February.

For July 1, 2019 the Cost of Living Increase will again follow the CPI-W but since the Portland-Salem Index is being discontinued, we will us and index for large West Coast urban areas.

Under this agreement we also increased shift differentials, created a differential for employees with cultural specific KSAs, improved contract language related to bilingual differential, bargained a reimbursement up to $500 for employee required to hold a professional/technical/occupational license and/or certification as a condition of their employment.

Preserving our Health Care:

When the County made their initial proposal on health insurance, it included significant takeaways. One of the most concerning aspect was a piece called the Health Engagement Model that penalized employees that didn’t participate in a health risk assessment. Because of hard work and pressure at the bargaining table, the County ultimately dropped this part of their proposal.   Check out the document tracking management’s movement over the past several months on health care.

We also worked hard to protect our main priorities related to health insurance which was to keep costs for office visits and routine services as close to status quo as possible and to keep costs for routine management of chronic health conditions low. While co-pays for service such as specialists will go up some, annual max-out of pocket costs have been left the same for the Kaiser Plan and increased slightly for the Moda Plan. Review the short summary of the medical and dental plan changes or, review the plan design summaries: Kaiser Medical | Kaiser Dental | Moda Medical Moda Dental

Please remember these changes don’t take effect until 2019

Workforce Equity:

This contract will be one of the first union contracts that we are aware of in the Country that protects employees from microaggressions in the work place. Additionally we have made some progress toward a more fair and transparent hiring and promotion process with contract language that encourages inclusiveness and accountability.  We also have broadened the definition of family so that more members in non-traditional families or who have close friends that form the equivalent of a family bond can utilize sick leave and bereavement leave for these loved ones. Finally we have new contract language that allows members or members who have families experiencing immigration issues to use their sick leave for certain immigration matters and if their paid leave expires, protected unpaid leave for up to 6 months.

These changes are just the beginning and our efforts will continue towards workforce equity will continue so that our workplaces are welcoming and inclusive of members who are not a part of the dominant culture or have been left out of good employment opportunities including people of color, women, immigrants, LGBTQ, disabled, and veterans.

Work-Life Balance:

We made significant headway in the area of alternative work schedules (AWS) – employee satisfaction is now included as a criteria for granting schedule requests. Additionally an AWS may not be taken away from an employee for performance reasons unless the employee has been put on notice as has been given the opportunity to improve. Additionally, we now have contract language related to telework agreements that is similar in form to our AWS contract language, protecting our ability to request a telework agreement and identifies the goal posts you need to reach to get a telework agreement.

With regards inclement weather, we’ve negotiated clearer language related to essential employees and other employee’s responsibilities and rights during these events. Essential employees will receive 2 additional saved holidays every year (1 for 2017-2018). When inclement weather events are declared mid-day, employees who are not essential employees will now be allowed to use AL01 time even if they did not report to work in the morning because their local school district closed and were using vacation time, or they left early before an event was declared.

We have also increased the vacation accrual rate for employees in their first two years of employment to 4.67 hours per pay period as a step toward equity with management’s vacation accrual rate. All employees will also be allowed to carry over one saved holiday at the end of the fiscal year. Finally employees that come into contact with bed bugs during the course of their employment are eligible for up $500 in reimbursement for the cost of eradication.

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