Local 88 Contract Ratified!

We're happy to let you know that the ratification process has been completed. On January 30th, union members completed balloting and voted YES on the contract by a margin of 98%. On Thursday, February 15th, the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of ratification.

We are proud of all our members that took the time to turn out and vote on this contract, provided their input during our various surveys and bargaining delegate meetings and stepped up by attending informational pickets, wore green on Wednesdays, signed our petition and found other ways to support our union during these negotiations.

Now that the new contract has been ratified it is in effect - we are working with management to incorporate the new contract with the language changes in a finalized document and we hope to have this process completed in the coming weeks. For reference purposes between now and then, please visit the TA summary to read the full TA.

We understand that central payroll is processing back paychecks now with hopes that this will be completed in March at the earliest or April at the latest. Employees that were still on the payroll on February 15th but leave employment after that date, should receive their retro-pay on their final paycheck - and we are verifying with management that they will process final paychecks/retro-pay in that manner.

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