Member Profile: Marisa Morales

Member Profile: Marisa Morales

Hi. My name is Marisa Morales. I am a medical assistant at the Health Department North Portland Clinic. I have been with Multnomah County for 4 years. I enjoy helping others. This is a way for me to enjoy what I am doing while giving back to the community.

As a strong union supporter and member of local 88, I want you all to get to know me a little personally and professionally.

First, let’s talk about our union and the new contract. I think it’s important to belong to a union because we all need help at some point. And it feels good to know that I have a union that is willing to fight for the rights of its members. I appreciate the union being there to listen to my concerns. 

My commitment to our union is to give direction to new hires in regards to our union. I want them to know that if they ever need anything, I along with our union stewards, are here to assist.

I’m happy that our new contract included a $500 dollar reimbursement to assist members with the eradication of bed bugs. This was something that was needed for our members who work in environments where this was a potential concern. 

Our contract provides good protections. I have never worked for a non-union environment before and can’t imagine what it would be like. But, I’m glad that we have the right to bargain for fair working conditions.

Now, I don’t have any secret talents that I want to share with you all but, if I could have one super power, I would like to be able to teleport to travel faster; basically because I am always late.

And, if I won the lottery, I would first pay off my student loans and then take my family on a long vacation. I would also donate some to charity. It’s always nice to give back.

Our Local President, Percy Winters Jr., asked me to choose Pepsi or Coke. Well, Pepsi…….just taste better to me.

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