Member Profile: Jason Blanchard

Member Profile: Jason Blanchard

Instability.  Lost wages. Uncertainty about economic future.  This is how one of our union members described the environment of working in a non-union shop prior to Multnomah County. Read more about his story.

I have worked in non-union workplaces before.  It often felt like there was an ax hovering over my head at all times.  To know that I was just a number, and could be replaced for any reason at a whim of the boss, left me feeling uncertain about my economic future.  I remember one employer who attempted to steal my wages. I had to press them to get paid for the work I rendered. But, since I joined Multnomah County, it has been a stable and just environment because of our union.

I’m Jason Blanchard and work for Multnomah County DCS in Transportation.

We recently settled our union contract and a couple of things that I appreciate are the compensation increases and the clarification of the language around emergency conditions. Our union always advocates and fights for the betterment of all workers, member or non-members alike. For this reason, my commitment is to be there for my brothers and sisters and help out as needed. If you’re a non-member, remember that our union brings democracy to the workplace, affords us job securities, and advocates for all employees. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

On a personal level, if I won the lottery my destination of choice would be the Caribbean Islands. Warm and scenic, just how I like it. As for my drink of choice, well, I don’t discriminate, but I tend to lean towards Coke. And, if I could choose a superpower, I would be indestructible because getting hurt is a bummer.  No secret talents for this pedestrian type of guy.

If you haven’t joined our union, what are you waiting for?


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