Multco Workday Pay Issues Reported

Workday Paycheck Issues Reported

We understand that there have been pay and other issues that have arisen from the Workday transition that have impacted members. We want to assure you that our union is monitoring the situation closely. We are committed to ensuring the resolution of any pay discrepancies that arise, and we are also committed to taking action to mitigate any harm that may be caused by pay discrepancies and ensure that employees are made whole for the negative consequences that occur.

HR has agreed to extend all timelines so that the grievance timeline begins only after HR has stated that they have resolved the issue. Thus, if the issue isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, the timeline then begins for us to file a grievance. We encourage you to try to resolve issues with HR informally, but we will be here to ensure that resolutions are appropriate and implemented as quickly as possible.

Accordingly, we want you to be aware of the following procedures for requesting union assistance.

First, report your issue to Department HR and work with them to achieve a resolution.

Second, if you have been unsuccessful at achieving a resolution with HR (or if you have another Workday related concern that you’d like to report to our union), please report the issue to Local 88.

Third, if your pay discrepancy is substantial enough to require immediate financial assistance in the form of a separate check from payroll and you have not received support from HR/payroll, please reach out by phone to AFSCME’s SMART Center for immediate assistance at 1-844-75-UNION.

Again, we understand that this has been a difficult transition, and we are committed to ensuring you and your family’s financial needs are met during this process. Please continue to work with HR to resolve issues, but know that we are here to help if that is not successful.

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