Member Profile: Rosalio (Lio) Espinoza

Hola! My name’s Rosalio Espinoza, but most people call me Lio. I’m the Executive Specialist for Pharmacy and Lab Services in the Health Department. I’ve been with the county for seven years, and I have 12 years of experience as a pharmacy technician. As an Executive Specialist, I’m proud to be part of a team that serves an increasingly diverse community.

When my parents immigrated to the United States, it was difficult for them to access the services they needed because they spoke very limited English. As a child, I often translated for them and I witnessed the hardships they faced navigating the system. I do the work that I do because I believe in providing quality care services to clients from diverse backgrounds by giving them the services I wished we received when I was growing up.

This is also why I appreciate Local 88’s dedication to keeping employees informed about what is going on in our community and what is affecting us. Thanks to the new union contract, employees may now take up to 40 hours of sick leave to address personal or family immigration and citizenship matters. This will allow us to continue to help take care of our own families.

Along those same principles, I’ve always believed in what Cesar Chavez did for workers’ rights. He fought for the protection of workers and to improve working conditions. Being part of a union means just that! A union seeks for better wages, benefits and work practices.

My experience in non-unionized positions were terrible as there was no protection for us. We were often threatened of being fired and exploited, so I’m glad our Local 88 community is here to represent and defend us.

When I’m not working, I like spending time with my family. I have a knack for eating super spicy food and my mother-in-law is always trying to find a way to get me enchilado (the burning/stinging effect after eating something spicy)! I also wish I had a knack for mind reading so I wouldn’t have to guess where my wife wants to go eat. Just kidding! I’d want to be able to run super fast without breaking a sweat so I can get to work and home without being stuck in traffic for so long. If only this were possible.

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