Member Profile: Jane Lois Bond

My name is Jane Lois Bond.  I was NOT named after 007.  I was named after my two amazing grandmothers! 

For the last three years I have been in the facilities department working in the carpenter shop.  I have ten years of experience working as a commercial union carpenter in Portland.  I have spent my whole career in a union. Strength in numbers!  Unions give workers a stronger and more powerful voice.  Being a union member makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger. Getting started in my career in carpentry, it was important to me to be in a union because I knew they promoted workplace safety and helped to maintain working conditions. 

I also grew up in a union home. My father and sister are mail carriers for the United States Post Office.

Inclement weather is a stressful time for the county. As an essential employee, we have to be on site at our county buildings making sure they are safe. We work with facilities dispatch to report road conditions around the area, as well as, shovel snow off sidewalks and spread ice melt.  Thanks to our new contract, essential employees receive two paid days off.  I truly am grateful for that benefit!  

 I’m also grateful to have representation to help guide us through our contract, facilitate meetings and help to get our voice heard when there is an issue.

I have participated in the Oregon Tradeswomen Career Fair and have helped to recruit more females and minorities into the county’s workforce. I’m committed to staying positive while helping to maintain a safe working environment.

The work I do varies everyday and that helps to keep things interesting.  I love helping people.  Since working at the county I have met and helped a wide range of people and that is very rewarding.

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