Multnomah County New Requirement for QMHP and QMHAs

If you work as a QMHP or QMHA, you’ve probably received some information regarding the State’s new requirement to become certified or licensed by July 31, 2019.  The law also provides for a grandparenting phase for QMHP’s currently employed by the County that theoretically makes this process simpler.  If you received an email regarding becoming certified or licensed it is because the County has identified that you are in a position that is subject to this new requirement or you may meet the requirements of grandparenting which relieves you of the requirement of taking the certification exam.

This new State requirement clearly has impact on your job at Multnomah County and the expectations thrust upon you as a QMHP or QMHA so we have demanded to bargain over this change.  While the bargaining process won’t change the State’s requirements, we believe that the County can and should make this process as simple for folks as possible.  The County has represented that they will work with us including providing necessary documentation to the State agency responsible for administering QMHP and QMHA certification – the Mental Health and Addiction Counseling Board of Oregon or MHACBO and will pay the $100 certification fee.

Currently many mental health workers at Multnomah County are licensed either because it is a requirement of their job or because they chosen to be licensed at some point during their career.  We understand that being licensed meets the MHACBO requirements but we are going to demand that the County should pay the costs associated with maintaining your license up to the $500 amount described in Article 14.XIV of our Union Contract.

Finally we understand that some licensed Mental Health Consultants and Clinical Services Specialists that are Health Share providers were notified last week that they were asked to complete an OPCA application as part of the Health Share credentialing process.  While this process may be separate from the MHACBO requirement, we are asking questions about this including what action the County would take if an employee failed to complete the application by the May 3rd deadline.  We are also exploring a potential grievance on this matter for members that are required to submit the form but have not received reimbursement up to $500 for licensing fees and CEUs.

We invite you to fill out this short survey to help us gather more information about how the QMHP and QMHA certification requirement and the Health Share credentialing.  Additionally if you have concerns about either of these issues that you’d like to convey to our Union you can contact your union steward or contact the AFSCME SMART Center

We hope to have more information about these issues in the upcoming days.

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