Local 88 Multnomah County Bargaining Delegates 2020

Ready To Bargain?

We’re in the last year of our three year contract with Multnomah County and so we are beginning preparations for bargaining that will begin next winter.  We are endeavoring to make our bargaining efforts as inclusive as possible and so would like to invite all members to consider becoming a bargaining delegate.  Bargaining delegates are responsible for:

  • Electing the bargaining team that meets with management,
  • Developing our bargaining goals, and
  • Organizing/mobilizing members (with the Member Action Team) to support our efforts.

This is the same process that we used for our 2017 bargaining sessions with Multnomah County.  In order to become a bargaining delegate, you need to collect the support of 10 of your co-workers by gathering their signatures.  Bargaining Delegate 2020 Application and email it back to cabi@afscmelocal88.org by end of day on September 7th, 2019 to apply.

For more information on the bargaining process please go to the following link: https://www.afscmelocal88.org/about-us/contracts/afscme-local-88-bargaining/

You can always reach out to our local officers for questions, comments, or concerns at cabi@afscmelocal88.org

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