QMHA/QMHP Bargaining Update

We've Reached A Tentative Agreement!

Recently we reached an agreement with the County related to the impact of the State’s new requirement for certification of QMHA/QMHP’s.  In addition to the County providing support including a letter to MHACBO to facilitate grandparenting for current employees, the settlement includes the following:

  1. County will cover the cost of certification and CEUs: The County will provide up to $500 in reimbursement for fees and costs (including CEU) associated with certification (QMHA/QMHP certification) or license costs if you are maintaining a license such as an LCSW, LMFT by your own choice.
  2. Training leave to attend CEU: The County will provide up to 40 hours of leave time (pro-rated for your FTE) to attend CEU’s.  This includes an appeal process for any CEU that is denied by your supervisor and the ability to flex your schedule to attend a CEU that is on your day of rest subject to program needs and minimum staffing needs.
  3. Job protection if you don’t obtain your certification or it lapses: If you don’t meet the QMHA/QMHP requirements by July 31, 2019 or your certification lapses at some point in the future, you’ll have the right to be place in a temporary assignment for 30 days in order to obtain your certification.  If you are still unable to obtain your certification, you may take a vacant position in your classification that doesn’t require certification, a previously held classification, or “project save” placement.  If no vacancy exists, you’ll have recall rights as described in Red Book (union contract).
  4. Assistance with complaints filed with MHACBO:  If a complaint is filed with MHACBO against you related to the performance of your duties in the course of your employment the County will provide reasonable assistance including help with providing a response to the complaint, gathering information requested by MHACBO if necessary time to prepare for a Board hearing or review.

The County wouldn’t concede to provide similar benefits and protections to temporary & on-call employees but did verbally state that it would cover their initial $100 certification fee and assist with grandparenting.  We also reserve the right to raise this matter again for temporary and on-call employees once the County voluntarily recognizes Local 88 or is compelled to recognize Local 88 as the union for temp and on-call workers.

The tentative agreement is available for you to review. 

Thank you for your feedback during this process and have a good rest of your summer!

In Unity,
The Local 88 Bargaining Team:
Rachel O’Rourke
Katie Lentz
Keiko Eguchi
Darcy Stjernberg-Morey
Beth Kerwin

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