Local 88 Bargaining Process

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Structure, Roles, and Responsibilities

For this bargaining year we decided to build a larger structure to allow for more member participation. This new organizational structure will allow us to get direct feedback from members so that the bargaining team can make informed decisions at the bargaining table. The roles and responsibilities are as follow:

Local 88 Officers and Staff
* Plans the overall strategy, tactics, and timing
* Coordinates the bargaining delegation and the contract action team(s)
* Handles the administrative, financial, legal, and logistical matters
* Liaison to other organizational levels of the union, to allies, and to the community

Contact your Union officers and staff representatives.

Bargaining Team
* Research and prepare proposals/justifications
* Bargain across-the-table/in caucus
* Develop messages for members distributed via Member Action Team(s)
* Listens and responds to feedback from members
* Makes recommendations on ratification or rejection of employer proposals

Contact the bargaining team or, look at the list of members that make up the team.

Bargaining Delegation
* Elects the bargaining team
* Offers subject matter support to the team
* Helps set goals and confers with bargaining team on progress of negotiations
* Increases the capacity of the Member Action Team (MAT) by talking with members
* Refers Tentative Agreements to membership or requests strike authorization

Contact the delegate team or, look at the list of members that make up the team.

Member Action Team (MAT)
* Solicits members’ priorities via issue survey and regular 2-way communication
* Educates and generates support for goals and proposals among members
* Responds to rumors, misinformation, and membership fears and concerns
* Plans and executes bargaining actions and builds membership power

Union Members
* Understands their role and responsibility in helping to negotiate a good agreement
* Provides honest information to their leaders about their needs and priorities
* Understands that no union committee gets everything it wants at the bargaining table
* Seeks accurate information during negotiations, asks questions, and shows support

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Bargaining Timeline

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01/28/2017 Delegate meeting