Bargaining Updates 2022

More than 30 union members have made a commitment to share their time and talents with our union by being part of the 2022 bargaining process. We have used the results of our member survey and the voices of our bargaining delegates and other union members to develop our bargaining goals.

Our first bargaining session was 2/24/22 and we have now completed 13 bargaining sessions with the county. Our current contract expired 6/30/22 and it is not unusual to have bargaining go past this date. Be assured that your rights are all in place while we work hard to make our contract even stronger!

Our bargaining team is made up of amazing union members. Show your union support on our bargaining days or anytime you feel like it. 

Upcoming Bargaining Dates

  • October 6, 2022
  • October 20, 2022

What You Can Do

 Support your bargaining team, show your union solidarity, and let Multnomah County know that you demand a good contract!
  1. Download a virtual background to use during online meetings! Detailed instructions for setting a virtual background in Zoom and Google Meet
  2. Wear a union button, sticker, or t-shirt
  3. Post a union placard in your workspace
  4. Talk to your fellow union members about the importance of union solidarity
  5. Come back to our bargaining webpage to learn more about the progress our union bargaining team is making 

2022 Contract Negotiations: What are we fighting for?

Safe workplaces and community spaces

Our members have reported frequent and ongoing issues that impact their safety at work. This covers everything from hazardous working conditions for those performing physical work or manual labor, to violence in the workplace or on the job. We want a clear standard that management is responsible for providing safe working conditions and a process for a worker to decline an assignment that puts them or others in imminent danger.

Protections against mandatory overtime

The County wants to give managers greater authority to mandate overtime but without additional compensation or consideration for workers and their families. We are seeking to maintain our current contract language on mandatory overtime assignments and proposing that the County pay double-time for any mandated overtime.

Wage increases that actually account for the cost of living

 We are seeking COLA that supports workers who are experiencing the stifling effects of inflation. The increases
we see in prices has meant a reduction in our real wages. We see this every time we go to the grocery store, pay for child care, fill our gas tank to get to work, or to take care of other living expenses.

Indigenous Peoples Day

We are seeking to add Indigenous People’s Day as a recognized holiday to honor the people who work for and are served by the County who identify as Indigenous. It is also an important step to aligning the work of the County to better support Indigenous communities.

Protecting our paychecks from County wage deductions

We proposed that the County be prohibited from making any payroll deductions for overpayments without an employee’s written authorization. Our experience since the implementation of Workday in 2019 and over the course of the COVID pandemic has made it clear that the County either doesn’t
have the capacity or the willingness to avoid continuous or widespread pay errors, nor do they have the systems in place to handle these situations compassionately or transparently on a consistent basis.

Fair compensation for bilingual Workers

All too often, the County forces bilingual employees to jump through multiple hoops to be paid fairly for their labor. If an employee is using their bilingual skills on a routine basis in their job, that is all that should be necessary for workers to receive the pay premium.

Leave policies that support equity

The County’s current leave policies don’t provide support for workers who have experienced trauma as a result of their work at the County or support workers who experience greater complications and leave demands because their families live abroad. We are proposing paid leave for workers in these circumstances.

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