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Library Local 88 Members Webinar

July 20 @ 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Layoffs in the Libraries:

We’ve heard a great deal of concerns since Library employees were notified of a layoff and we’ve been trying to get answers to our questions.  On July 14, Local 88 Leadership called a meeting with Library Management to discuss the announcement of layoffs in the Library Department. Our discussion acknowledged the seriousness of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the challenge of working under social distancing guidelines. The most recent round of library renovation focused on serving the public with the smallest footprint possible, completely the opposite of what is needed for social distancing in a pandemic. There had been no discussion between Library Management and Local 88 to discuss collaborative ideas to prevent or mitigate such a layoff.  We also want to be clear that this layoff is not being driven by a budget constraint.

While waiting for the buildings to reopen to the public, many library staff filled needs in other parts of the county, especially in the EOC. Library Management came to the conclusion that layoffs were necessary in order to size the workforce without looking at the wide scope of different community needs that library staff could do with buildings being closed.

Local 88 Leaders made the request that the timeline be moved back by one month so that other work alternatives could be considered by the Library Department and the County. We will assemble a joint Union-Management workgroup to propose services to ensure community needs are being met. We’ll take a look at your previously offered proposals sent in as well as welcome any new ideas to keep our members employed as we continue through this health and social crisis. Telework opportunities will be especially encouraged.

During this time, the Layoff committee will work to ensure a fair process in the case of job loss. In the very near future, people who have been identified by the current management list that their jobs will be affected will be informed. This does not mean that you definitely will be laid off only identified as being possibly impacted.

Our jobs already look different, and will continue to wander outside our position descriptions for the duration of the pandemic. In order to save jobs, some library employees may move to  positions in other parts of the county on a temporary or permanent basis. Currently there is a need in the EOC, and there are a few other vacant positions in the county.

This is what you can expect:

  • The Library Layoff Committee will have its first meeting on July 16th. They will follow the procedure laid out in the contract based on current knowledge.

  • Employees identified on the current layoff list, will be notified within the next two weeks.

  • A small group of Library Management and Union-nominated members will work together to find ways to fulfill community needs and save jobs.

  • If you cannot work, you may need to use FMLA or other leave. Administrative Leave will likely cease to be an option soon.

The Local 88 Layoff Committee Members Include:
Bruce Jenks, Contact Center Office Assistant & Union Steward
Celeste Jones, Union Business Rep
Karin Sandwick, HLS Clerk & Chief Union Steward
Manuel Arellano, NPO Spanish Clerk & Union Steward
Percy Winters, Jr., Union President
Sean O’Brien, BEL Clerk & Union Steward

Below is the registration link for the the layoff webinar for Local 88 members in the libraries:

Registration for Local 88 Libraries Webinar

In Unity,
Local 88 Leaders and Staff


July 20
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM