COLA Is Here

Per the L88 contract ratified on 12/4/14, Regular Status and LDA Local 88 members employed at Multco on 12/4/14 will receive a 2.7% COLA on the 1/30/2015 paycheck, retroactive to hours worked beginning on 7/1/2014 . Employees who left the county before 12/4/14 will not receive the retro pay as they were out of pay status before the contract was ratified.

The retroactive amount is shown as “Differences per prev” with a dollar amount. Please check your pay stub or deposit notice carefully if you are eligible for retro pay.

If you have questions or are not sure where to locate the information on your deposit notice, please contact your Department Human Resources Analyst.

Local 88 Membership Survey

Your elected leadership would like to hear from you on the general direction and priorities you’d like your Union to work on.   Some questions are geared towards the work your Union does and some is geared towards work we could be doing.  In this we ask a few personal questions and hope that you will share this information with us so your Union can remain or become more relevant to you.
This is a brief survey that will be available to take until Friday, February 6, 2015.


Begin here:

Local 88 Contract “Red Book” Update

We anticipate an electronic version of 2014-2017 Local 88 contract will be available on the County and Local 88 websites in the next couple of weeks. Notification will go out when the electronic version is online.

We do not expect the hard copies to be printed before the third week of February. Hard copies will be distributed to the members at work when received from the printer.

HCAO Rally on the Capitol Steps!

Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO)Mark your calendar and join us on the Capitol steps in Salem, February 11th. Rally Rev starts at 11 am and the Rally Program from 12 to 1 pm. We expect 2,500 people carrying signs and banners supporting universal, publicly funded (single payer) healthcare in Oregon enjoying a program of great music and inspiring speakers.

HCAO educates citizens and public officials about the need for a health care system that ensures comprehensive, high- quality health care for all provides care based on patients’ needs, not on maximizing profits focuses on education, prevention, effective treatment, and improved outcomes is publicly coordinated and financed—to minimize administrative costs, duplication, and waste and maximize the resources directed to medical providers and medical care.

You can also join a group to meet with your legislators to tell them we want health care for all people! It is not ok that every year thousands of Oregonians die because they are unable to afford basic health care. Don’t wait – start your plans now to fill a bus, a van, or caravan of cars and spend the day in Salem Rallying with HCAO Supporters.

Register for the HCAO Feb 11th Rally today (below).

Everybody in and nobody out! Why?
Because we believe health care is a basic human right! 

More Information

Download the flyer [ HERE ].

Health Care for All-Oregon (HCAO) is a statewide, citizen-led, non- profit organization founded on the belief that affordable health care is a basic need and right for ALL Oregonians. Our mission is to create a comprehensive, fair, publicly funded, system that makes effective, high- quality health care accessible and affordable for all Oregonians. 


Statewide Rally for a $15 Minimum Wage • JAN 24th

RallyattheCapitol$15The campaign for a $15 minimum wage has reached a critical stage, which makes our January 24th statewide rally especially important. Every extra body counts, because a BIG rally will have a huge impact on the media discussion that has begun over raising the statewide minimum wage.

At the state legislature there is a $12 bill competing with $15 legislation, and a big rally with gain media attention and give extra energy to a $15 minimum wage. We need you and your family’s voice in Salem on January 24th. Come wearing your union shirt !

Saturday, Jan. 24, Noon—1pm
Bills for a $15 minimum wage are being introduced in the State House and Senate for the 2015 session.  Low-wage workers, union members, faith and community allies — ALL OUT for 15 !

1 PM—3PM Statewide 15 NOW gathering at the nearby First Congressional Church (700 Marion Street Northeast)

To RSVP for a bus or car pool go to

New Contract COLA Pay Q&A

1.       On what paycheck will the members see the 2.7% COLA increase to their hourly wage?  

Time worked 1/1 through 1/15 will be paid at the post COLA rate on paycheck dated 1/30/2015.  The new pay rates will be displayed on the printed timesheets for pay period 1/16 through 1/31 but may not be displayed on the timesheets for pay period 1/1 through 1/15 because these timesheets are usually printed early.

2.       When will the members see the retroactive COLA pay?

The retro amount will be paid on the paycheck dated 1/30/2015.

3.       Will the retroactive pay be a separate payment?  

No.  The retro pay will be part of the normal paycheck and will be a line item labeled “/552 Difference from a prev. per”. It is not an option to issue manual checks for these retro payments.

4.       Will the retroactive COLA pay be attributed to the time period it was encumbered (July-Dec 2014)?  Members are very concerned about this question as it pertains to taxable income.

IRS regulations state that the wages are taxable when paid not when earned so the retro will be taxed on the paycheck that it is paid on and will be taxable wages for the 2015 tax year.

15 Now PDX Revolutionary Dinner Club

$15MINWAGE15 Now PDX is teaming up with John Olmsted and Joel Shapiro from the Revolutionary Dinner Club to host a Revolutionary Dinner Party!  After dinner we will be showing and discussing the Minimum Wage episode of Morgan Spurlock’s TV show, “30 Days,” in which he and his partner find out what life is like living on minimum wage for 30 days. Come hang out, engage in conversation, network with other people who care about winning $15 for Portland and Oregon, and enjoy a spectacularly delicious meal.

$40 per plate includes desert and non-alcoholic beverages. $50 per plate includes desert and wine. Vegetarian and meat options available.

Rally at the Capitol!


Oregon Needs a Raise ! • Rally at the Capitol (Salem)
Saturday, Jan. 24, Noon—1pm

Bills for a $15 minimum wage are being introduced in the State House and Senate for the 2015 session. Low-wage workers, union members, faith and community allies — ALL OUT for 15 !

1 PM—3PM Statewide 15 NOW gathering (meet & greet, share stories & strategies, get tools for the campaign) at the nearby Ike Box, 299 Cottage St NE