Local 88 Contract “Red Book” Delivery Update

dog-with-redbookToday I learned the printing of Local 88′s 2014-2017 Contract should be completed next week and delivered to Central HR by month end.

Once the books are at the county, the department HR units will work to see them distributed to the membership.

A delay in sending the document to the printer occurred when during the final pre-print review, the union and labor relations identified outdated language not identified during bargaining.

Once both sides verified the proposed correction was ‘housekeeping’ and not a change to the contract or intent of language, it was released to the printer.

We appreciate the patience of members waiting for the hard copies to be delivered and willingness to access the document online at the Local 88 website or Multco Commons.

- President Deirdre Mahoney-Clark

Council 75 Seeks Your Input on Diversity


diversity treeHola a todos/as, reciban un fraternal saludo, me llamo Gloria Gonzalez y soy una trabajadora del concilio de AFSCME 75. Entre mis funciones de trabajo esta el de platicar con los miembros de como enriquecer culturalmente a nuestras locales. Me gustaria tambien escuchar sus ideas de como construir una union mas Fuerte y equitativa. Pronto estare visitandole (la) and/o llamandole (la) por teléfono, Si a usted desea participar por favor contactarme a gloria@oregonafscme.com o a nuestra oficina (503) 239-9858 o mi celular (503) 891-4831. Espero con interés el trabajar junto a ustedes.

Yes to Diversity!

Hello all, my name is Gloria Gonzalez and I am a staff Representative with AFSCME Council 75. I am one of the staff in charge of talking to members to find out how we can create diverse and inclusive Locals. I would like to hear your ideas on working together to build a stronger equitable union that represents all of our diverse members. In the coming weeks & months I will be reaching out across the union. If you would like to be involved please contact me at gloria@oregonafscme.com and/or our office (503) 239-9858 (503)891-4831 (cell). I look forward to working together.

In Solidarity/En Solidaridad Gloria Gonzalez, 503.239.9858

Steward Training Nearly Full • Sign Up Now

AFSCME 6025 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97215 503-239-9858

Join us for this fun and interactive class designed for new stewards, those who are thinking of being a steward or those looking for more information about their union. 

  • Steward Training I Class Topics Include:
  • Union structure and history
  • Union power and the role of the steward
  • Special status of a steward
  • What is a grievance?
  • Knowing YOUR contract
  • Weingarten Rights/Garrity Rights
  • TheDutyofFairRepresentation


Training and lunch are provided free of charge, all other costs are the responsibility of the Local.

Please bring a copy of your local contract with you. Space is Limited – email jpotter@oregonafscme.com to sign up.

Fight the Fast Track!

4-18-2015 Fight Fast Track

  • Saturday, April 18 @ 1 PM
  • Terry Schrunk Plaza, Downtown Portland
  • Between SW 3rd and 4h on Madison Street

Fast Track means our voices will not be heard and the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be forced through Congress causing jobs to leave Oregon, environmental protections to vanish, democracy to be undermined, and entire countries to be pushed into poverty thus forcing workers to find jobs elsewhere.

It’s time to step up the pressure on Senator Wyden and members of Congress and stop Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Get the lastest information at:  oraflcio.org/4-18/

AFSCME Strong: A Plan for the Future

afscme-strongFor too many years, public service workers (and actually most Americans) have seen their job security, wages and benefits, and retirement security erode — even though for the top 1 percent things have been great. Now, when it’s our turn to make things better for our families, they’re trying to cripple our union.

In Illinois, Gov. Bruce Rauner is obsessed with stripping the rights of state workers.

In New Mexico, extreme politicians want to drive down everyone’s wages through a so-called right-to-work bill.
In Missouri, billionaires are funding a campaign to crush unions through a “paycheck deception” bill.

The billionaires and special interests behind these attacks are strong. But we are stronger. In the past year, more than 135,000 workers joined AFSCME. And we have a plan and vision to build on this success. A plan to protect the future and financial security of AFSCME members — and all Americans. That plan is AFSCME Strong. Continue reading

2015 OLCS Graduation



You Are Invited!

Please join us as we celebrate the hard work of our future (and current) labor candidates, the fourth class of the Oregon Labor Candidate School, at their graduation ceremony and party, with honored guest Representative Barbara Smith Warner.

  • Sunday, April 12th, 2015
  • 10:00 am – 11:30 am
  • SEIU Local 503
  • 6401 SE Foster Rd, Portland OR 97206, In the Ballroom