Community Forum on the Impact of ICE Detainers

You are invited to attend a forum on Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detainers.

Come hear testimonies from victims and discussion from many perspectives on how families are affected, what people see and experience in detention, and how public safety and trust in law enforcement is altered. Also we’ll explore ways to support Immigrant Rights.


AFSCME Conservative Caucus Meeting 4-24

You are invited to attend the Conservative Caucus Meet and Greet at the AFSCME Portland office 6025 E Burnside Street on the evening of April 24 from 5:30-8:30 pm. A few legislators will be attending.

The Conservative Caucus was created in 2012 to recognize the need for conservative beliefs and core values to be represented by mobilizing and empowering members of Council 75.    We strive to create a Council where all members and their ideas are respected, encouraged and also to express themselves without fear of ridicule.

Download a flyer [ HERE ].

Bargaining Update 4-16-14

Bargaining Meeting 4/16/2014

First Day Proposals

Articles on the table from L88  

Article 5

L88 requests a monthly report accounting for on-call hours worked.

L88 requests a monthly list of new retirees


Article 10

Bereavement Leave to be allowed for death or aunts/uncles and nieces/nephews.

Bereavement Leave  - additional leave of two paid days (for a total of five days) upon the death of a spouse, domestic partner, or their children.

Essential Employees will be paid 3% premium for all hours worked when county is declared closed.


Article 15

Special Pay Adjustment –To correct pay inequities within a work group.

Temporary Working out of class –Temp vacancy (6 months or less) current employees shall be offered a work out of class opportunity before the county can hire a temp to fill the position


Article 22

Hiring -When a  vacancy opens everyone on the transfer list will be notified by the county.

The county will conduct an internal recruitment before conducting an external recruitment.

Training programs for current employees may be established for specialty or difficult to fill positions to develop promotional opportunities.


Addendum G — Department of Community Justice

Recognizance Unit — to make the calculation of “days of rest” consistent with  the current Sheriff’s Office practice.


Addendum J — School Based Employees

10 month employees shall not lose classification seniority due to two month annual layoff.


Articles on the table from Management


Article 2

If an newly hired employee is absent from work for 3 or more months of their 12 month probation, the probation can be extended by the length of their absence. (Current language states probation can only be extended if absence is 6 months or more)


Article 21

The county proposes forming a workgroup to bring better clarity to seniority language in several areas of the contract.

Management proposes that if a member on a recall list does not respond to a recall letter or email within 7 days, they will be removed from the recall list.  (Current language allows 14 days to respond, email notice is not in contract)



International Convention Attendance Application for Next Wave

So you wanna go to the AFSCME 41st International Convention in Chicago on July 14th though 18, 2014?  Well, tell us why!

This submitted application will be reviewed by current active Next Wave Committee members to qualify you to attend. Applications must be in by 8:00pm May 15th and applicants will be notified by May31st. If you have any questions please email Joe McGonigle at or Kristin Wray at

If you are selected to attend you will be required to attend all Convention related activities and help work the Next Wave booth you will also be required to share a hotel room with another member.

Click on the link below to fill out and submit your application:

Bargaining at the Table Update 4/2/2014

contractWe reached agreement on the ground rules on bargaining today, 4/2/2014.  Ground rules are a set of rules management and labor agree on covering the behavior and process at the bargaining table.

We agreed we will meet the 1st and 3rd Wed of each month and no new proposals can be presented by either side after the 4th bargaining meeting, 6/4/14.

Local 88 members may attend bargaining sessions as observers but
would have to do so on their own time.

Please contact Bryan Lally with at least three days notice of the
day and time if you are interested in attending.

We also reached agreement on general table conduct, the use of
alternates and the process for tentative agreements.

Between now and the bargaining session on April 16 we will be
drafting language for the first exchange of proposals on that day.

At the end of each bargaining day we will report back to you the
information on those proposals through notice on the Local 88
website. The website will be updated no later than Friday’s
at noon.

AFSCME Local 88 Name Used without Permission in City Race

AFSCME Local 88, Multnomah County Employees have made no endorsements in any City of Portland candidate race, nor will we until our sibling local, AFSCME Local 189, City of Portland, completes their endorsement process. Any information to the contrary is inaccurate.

AFSCME Local 88 has a very structured, formal process that is followed, including candidate interviews, questionnaires, joint candidate forums, and finally debate and vote by our General Membership. We strive to be as transparent and democratic in our process as we possibly can. Local 88 has not been involved in any part of the endorsement process for any City candidate.

  • Deirdre Mahoney-Clark, President AFSCME Local 88
  • Jason Heilbrun, Vice President/PAC Chair AFSCME Local 88

Letter from Senator Merkley on ENDA

Senator Jeff Merkley, (D) Oregon

Senator Jeff Merkley, (D) Oregon

All Americans deserve fairness in the workplace. Sadly, it’s still legal in more than half the U.S. to fire someone just because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

I’ve been honored to take up Ted Kennedy’s mantle and lead the successful fight in the U.S. Senate to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). But unfortunately, Speaker Boehner is blocking ENDA by refusing to let it come to the floor for a vote in the House, even though it recently passed the Senate by a bipartisan, two-to-one vote.

We need action now. That’s why this week, I am leading over 200 of my Senate and House colleagues in calling on President Obama to sign an executive order to end taxpayer-funded discrimination in the workplace. There are long-standing policies in place banning discrimination on the basis of race, gender, and religion by government contractors. There is no reason to wait any longer to extend these anti-discrimination policies to cover LGBT Americans and protect millions of people from being fired for who they are or who they love. You can click here to read my letter to the President and see the many senators and members of Congress who have signed their name to this critical effort.

Fairness, justice and equality are at the heart of who we are as a nation. Discrimination has no place in America. Please know I’ll keep fighting for LGBT equality and to end workplace discrimination for all Americans.

All my best,

Oregon AFSCME Presents: Cesar Chavez New Movie Night

DATE: Saturday, March 29

  • CesarChavezMovieNightFlyer2014PRE-MOVIE RECEPTION: 5-5:45 p.m.
  • Socializing • Appetizers • Refreshments
  • LOCATION:  AFSCME Office, 6025 E Burnside St, Portland
  • MOVIE: 6:30 p.m.
  • LOCATION:  Regal Lloyd Center 10 Theater 1510 NE Multnomah Street, Portland

Purchase your own tickets ahead of time, to guarantee a seat. Families welcome. A limited block of tickets are available at cost. Contact for more information: