Leadership & Executive Board

Our Leadership

Jackie Tate she/her, President
Hilary Zust she/her, Vice President
Cindy Sierra she/her, Treasurer
Grant Swanson he/him, Secretary

Our Union is stronger when all of our members are engaged. So, we encourage interested members, who are in good standing with our union, to run for leadership positions. Diversity is important to make good decisions and to build our strength! If you plan to run for an officer seat read our Campaign Handbook to help you get started.

Executive Board

All executive board members are elected by the membership at large. Board seats are filled by members from each of the following sectors:

The composition of the executive board is intended to reflect proportionally the members of the union, and may need to be adjusted to reflect current membership in sectors.

The executive board is responsible for keeping members in their sector informed of the work of the union. All matters affecting the policies, aims and means of accomplishing the objectives of the local not specifically provided for in the constitution or by the membership at large, is decided by the executive board.

Feel free to contact our current executive board members with questions, comments, or concerns. When you are ready to join the board, come to our general membership meeting where elections for open seats are conducted. General membership meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month – see our calendar for more information.