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Member Profile: Roslio (Lio) Espinoza

Hola! My name’s Rosalio Espinoza, but most people call me Lio. I’m the Executive Specialist for Pharmacy and Lab Services in the Health Department. I’ve been with the county for seven years, and I have 12 years of experience as a pharmacy technician. As an Executive Specialist, I’m proud to be part of a team […]

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Letter to the County Commissioners

AFSCME Local 88 Multnomah County To: Multnomah County CommissionersFrom: Local 88 Dentist Dentists and supporters picketed five out of the six county dental clinics the last week of February in cold and windy conditions. We did this to demonstrate our unity and solidarity with EFDAs, hygienists and OA’s in Local 88. Nearly every union dentist participated in these informational […]

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88 FOR ALL: February 2019, Special ISSUE

Multnomah County wants to exclude two-thirds of on-call and temp workers from the union Two years after on-call and temp workers filed for union recognition, Multnomah County has responded with an offer that would greatly improve conditions for a few workers, but leave the vast majority behind. The County’s proposal includes many things that the […]

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Multco Workday Pay Issues Reported

Workday Paycheck Issues Reported We understand that there have been pay and other issues that have arisen from the Workday transition that have impacted members. We want to assure you that our union is monitoring the situation closely. We are committed to ensuring the resolution of any pay discrepancies that arise, and we are also […]

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