Local 88 Contract “Red Book” Update

We anticipate an electronic version of 2014-2017 Local 88 contract will be available on the County and Local 88 websites in the next couple of weeks. Notification will go out when the electronic version is online.

We do not expect the hard copies to be printed before the third week of February. Hard copies will be distributed to the members at work when received from the printer.


HCAO Rally on the Capitol Steps!

Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO)Mark your calendar and join us on the Capitol steps in Salem, February 11th. Rally Rev starts at 11 am and the Rally Program from 12 to 1 pm. We expect 2,500 people carrying signs and banners supporting universal, publicly funded (single payer) healthcare in Oregon enjoying a program of great music and inspiring speakers.

HCAO educates citizens and public officials about the need for a health care system that ensures comprehensive, high- quality health care for all provides care based on patients’ needs, not on maximizing profits focuses on education, prevention, effective treatment, and improved outcomes is publicly coordinated and financed—to minimize administrative costs, duplication, and waste and maximize the resources directed to medical providers and medical care.

You can also join a group to meet with your legislators to tell them we want health care for all people! It is not ok that every year thousands of Oregonians die because they are unable to afford basic health care. Don’t wait – start your plans now to fill a bus, a van, or caravan of cars and spend the day in Salem Rallying with HCAO Supporters.

Register for the HCAO Feb 11th Rally today (below).

Everybody in and nobody out! Why?
Because we believe health care is a basic human right! 

More Information www.hcao.org
Questions? mobilization@hcao.org

Download the flyer [ HERE ].

Health Care for All-Oregon (HCAO) is a statewide, citizen-led, non- profit organization founded on the belief that affordable health care is a basic need and right for ALL Oregonians. Our mission is to create a comprehensive, fair, publicly funded, system that makes effective, high- quality health care accessible and affordable for all Oregonians. 


Statewide Rally for a $15 Minimum Wage • JAN 24th

RallyattheCapitol$15The campaign for a $15 minimum wage has reached a critical stage, which makes our January 24th statewide rally especially important. Every extra body counts, because a BIG rally will have a huge impact on the media discussion that has begun over raising the statewide minimum wage.

At the state legislature there is a $12 bill competing with $15 legislation, and a big rally with gain media attention and give extra energy to a $15 minimum wage. We need you and your family’s voice in Salem on January 24th. Come wearing your union shirt !

Saturday, Jan. 24, Noon—1pm
Bills for a $15 minimum wage are being introduced in the State House and Senate for the 2015 session.  Low-wage workers, union members, faith and community allies — ALL OUT for 15 !

1 PM—3PM Statewide 15 NOW gathering at the nearby First Congressional Church (700 Marion Street Northeast)

To RSVP for a bus or car pool go to www.15NOWpdx.org

New Contract COLA Pay Q&A

1.       On what paycheck will the members see the 2.7% COLA increase to their hourly wage?  

Time worked 1/1 through 1/15 will be paid at the post COLA rate on paycheck dated 1/30/2015.  The new pay rates will be displayed on the printed timesheets for pay period 1/16 through 1/31 but may not be displayed on the timesheets for pay period 1/1 through 1/15 because these timesheets are usually printed early.

2.       When will the members see the retroactive COLA pay?

The retro amount will be paid on the paycheck dated 1/30/2015.

3.       Will the retroactive pay be a separate payment?  

No.  The retro pay will be part of the normal paycheck and will be a line item labeled “/552 Difference from a prev. per”. It is not an option to issue manual checks for these retro payments.

4.       Will the retroactive COLA pay be attributed to the time period it was encumbered (July-Dec 2014)?  Members are very concerned about this question as it pertains to taxable income.

IRS regulations state that the wages are taxable when paid not when earned so the retro will be taxed on the paycheck that it is paid on and will be taxable wages for the 2015 tax year.

15 Now PDX Revolutionary Dinner Club

$15MINWAGE15 Now PDX is teaming up with John Olmsted and Joel Shapiro from the Revolutionary Dinner Club to host a Revolutionary Dinner Party!  After dinner we will be showing and discussing the Minimum Wage episode of Morgan Spurlock’s TV show, “30 Days,” in which he and his partner find out what life is like living on minimum wage for 30 days. Come hang out, engage in conversation, network with other people who care about winning $15 for Portland and Oregon, and enjoy a spectacularly delicious meal.

$40 per plate includes desert and non-alcoholic beverages. $50 per plate includes desert and wine. Vegetarian and meat options available.

Rally at the Capitol!


Oregon Needs a Raise ! • Rally at the Capitol (Salem)
Saturday, Jan. 24, Noon—1pm

Bills for a $15 minimum wage are being introduced in the State House and Senate for the 2015 session. Low-wage workers, union members, faith and community allies — ALL OUT for 15 !

1 PM—3PM Statewide 15 NOW gathering (meet & greet, share stories & strategies, get tools for the campaign) at the nearby Ike Box, 299 Cottage St NE

Details on the $15 Minimum Wage Increase


Multnomah County’s Board of Commissioners approved the AFSCME Local 88 bargaining agreement for 2014-2017.  At this time there are technical questions still to be answered.  When will the 2.7% cola be applied to the member hourly wage, when will members receive the retro cola payment  (we know not before January) and what tax year will the retro cola payment apply.  As soon as the president has these answers they will be shared with the membership.

As part of the agreement with Local 88, the county will raise the minimum wage for part-time and full-time county employees to $15 per hour by the end of the contract in 2017. The Local 88 president and vice president informed leadership that temp and on-call workers would not receive the same raise.

After the board voted on the agreement, County Chair Deborah Kafoury announced that this key wage increase in the agreement will be extended to several hundred on-call and temporary employees who are not part of Local 88 and are not part of the Local 88 agreement.

This move is by executive decision out of a sense of fairness to all of the county’s lowest-paid employees.  The action that Chair Kafoury announced will extend the phased-in wage increase to about 400 on-call and temporary employees.  Most of these employees work for the Elections Office during elections, or as library pages.

News Links on the $15 Minimum Wage:

Labor Scholarships • Deadline Approaching!


It’s the holiday season, but it’s also scholarship timeline season, as the deadlines for many scholarship applications are rapidly approaching. Scholarship information is always available, year-round, on theScholarships tab of the Oregon AFSCME website.

Here is a sampling of the scholarship opportunities available:

AFSCME International

AFSCME Family Scholarship — $2,000 for up to four years, for graduating high school seniors. A downloadable PDF application form is attached to this article, or there is more information online.Deadline is Dec. 31, 2014.

Gerald W. McEntee Scholarship — $5,000 one-time scholarship for members only. Online application only, but there is a fact sheet about the McEntee scholarship attached to this article. Please note that members must apply for the Union Plus scholarship (see below) in order to apply for the McEntee Scholarship. After completing the Union Plus scholarship application, members will be asked if they are AFSCME members and if they click yes they will be asked to write an additional 500 word essay in order to apply for the McEntee scholarship. Deadline is Jan. 31, 2015.

Union Plus Scholarship — $500 – $4,000 depending on merit of application. The Union Plus Scholarship program, sponsored by the Union Plus Education Foundation, helps union members and their families defray the cost of higher education. Since 1992, the program has awarded over $3 million to deserving students. Online application onlyDeadline is Jan. 31, 2015.

The national union also offers a few other, more specialized scholarship opportunities. Check out the full list at the AFSCME International website.

Oregon AFSCME Council 75

Donna Danner Memorial Scholarship — The Donna Danner Memorial Scholarship Fund is named after one of Council 75′s most beloved members. Donna Danner was a union activist at Local 328 (Oregon Health & Science University) for many years before her premature passing from complications from a brain tumor in November 2000. There are two $1,000 scholarships and five $750 scholarships awarded annually. Apply online through the state scholarship commission; use Code 315MX.

Cornelia Valentine Murphy Scholarship — The Murphy scholarship was established in the name of the former Council 75 Political Coordinator by her brother, Paul Murphy. Cornelia Murphy died from cancer in May 2006. There is one $500 scholarship awarded annually. The Murphy memorial is an endowment fund that needs donations in order to keep the scholarship alive. Contributions can be made through Council 75. Apply online through the state scholarship commission; use Code 500MX.

Bill Lucy Scholarship — This new award was established in 2014 in the name of AFSCME International’s Secretary Treasurer from 1972 to 2010. His decades of service include collaborating with Dr. Martin Luther King in Memphis during the 1968 sanitation workers strike. It was during this strike that King was assassinated. There are two $1000 scholarships awarded annually for students of labor studies or political science. Apply online through the state scholarship commission; use Code 690.

Note: All Oregon AFSCME-generated scholarships are administered through the state scholarship commission, officially the Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC). All OSAC-based scholarships have an official deadline of March 31, 2015, but applicants are encouraged to complete the application process as close to Jan. 1 as possible.

Increase in Maximum Dues

The Local 88 maximum dues per month are currently capped at $65.80 ($32.90 per paycheck). This maximum amount is indexed to the maximum dues of the national AFSCME organization and each year a calculation is done to see if the national average wages of all 1.6 million AFSCME workers has increased.  In 2014, there was a small national increase. This means that starting with the January 31, 2015 paycheck there will be a maximum dues cap increase of $0.65 ($0.33 per paycheck), and the new maximum dues per month will be capped at $66.45 ($33.22 per paycheck).  This ONLY affects employees who have reached the maximum dues amount each month. The majority of members will see no increase in dues, which remains at 1.4% of base wages, as outlined in the Local 88 Constitution.