Labor Day Picnic at Oaks Park • September 7, 2014 • 10am – 5pm

  • Labor Day Picnic
  • Oaks Park, Portland
  • September 7, 2014
  • 10am – 5pm
  • Hot Dogs, Burgers and Salads from 11am-2pm

Local 88 Members, families and invited guests will receive Food/Drink script and up to 4 Ride bracelets per family.  Members who do not need 4 ride bracelets may leave them for members who need more than 4.

Parking is limited. Consider riding your bike or catching the train for $5 round trip.Visit the Council 75 website at www.oregonafscme.com for more Picnic and Train information.

2015 Leadership Training Conference

2015 Leadership Training Conference registration is now open.

The event, at the Benson Hotel in Portland begins on Friday evening October 2, 2015 at 6:30 with dinner and a general session. Saturday October 3 will start with a general session and then workshops throughout the day. The last session of workshops will be held on Sunday morning October 4 and the conference will adjourn before 12-noon. Workshop topics will include a look ahead to 2016, building a more inclusive union, new media and communications and leadership development.

Local 88 has budgeted to send up to 10 members. Conference registration is limited to the first 150 registrants so if you wish to attend, please email the secretary and treasurer of Local 88 ASAP.

secretary@afscmelocal88.org and treasurer@afscmelocal88.org

They will need your name, address, telephone number and email address to register and pay for you.

You will find more information on the Council 75 website www.oregonafscme.com


Please join us or invite folks you know in Portland
for a book reading & discussion:


with people from the book

THURSDAY, AUG 6 at 6:30 pm. 4115 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland, OR
(between N. Skidmore and N. Mason Streets)

We’ll read from the book and talk about the amazing people and surprising events that make the LGBT LABOR HISTORY of Oregon so very special!

PAPERBACK copies of OUT IN THE UNION for purchase & signing.

Light refreshments and lots of interesting people…..

RSVP via e-mail. Please spread the word by forwarding!

THANKS! — Miriam Frank and Desma Holcomb

“Most histories tend to ‘heterowash’ any LGBTQ person’s truth–if their stories are told at all. This significant book uncovers the truths too often hidden away, adding to the experiences of many LGBTQ leaders to labor’s collective history. These stories are essential to a contemporary understanding of union solidarity.”
—Labor Notes

“Rarely has a book specifically addressed LGBTIQ workers and their involvement with unions…Frank’s drumroll fire of facts and anecdotes, evidence of the struggles and victories of workers…will make anyone interested in LGBT history want to read on.”
– Lambda Literary Review

FAQ for Wage Compensation Study

Dear Local 88 Members and Fair Share in Multnomah County
I have received many questions about the recent email regarding the Wage Compensation study currently in process. As I am unable to answer each and every one individually, here are the FAQs and answers.

Please continue to visit the website for additional information and updates as they become available.

Q1. When was my job classification studied?
A. At the bottom of this article is a link to a document with the data we were able to compile with job classification, study dates if known and other notes we could locate.

Q2. It has been a long time since my job classification was studied. How come it isn’t in this study?
A. The team looked at the oldest studied job classes and by looking at the current wage mid-point compared to similar jurisdictions, we determined the classifications to study based on which had the greatest opportunity for an increase. If a classification wage was greater than or equal to the mid-point of the county’s wage it was removed from consideration in this study.
• The wage study includes finding the average compensation for each of the job classifications in comparable jurisdictions. This is done by taking the first and last steps in the pay range, adding those two figures together and dividing by two. The resulting number is called the “mid-point” of that pay range.

Q3. When will my classification be studied?
A. Per our contract with the county (see your red book, page 51) Market Adjustment studies will occur every two years and the classifications to be studied will be determined by joint agreement with the county and Local 88. Local 88 is looking at oldest studied first as in Q2 or if there is evidence a classification is greatly under-compensated.

Q4. Is there going to be a separate study for OA Job Classification by Department? Depending on the department, demands of the job and responsibilities are vastly different.
A. This study is for compensation only, meaning the per hour wage. We recognize the OA series is full of specialty work across all departments. It is possible a study of the various OA duties, by department may be requested in the future.

Q5. What does “red-circled” mean?
A. As described to me by Labor Relations:

The phrase “red circled” is colloquial in human resources, so there is not a definition of it per se. However, there is a contract provision (which also uses an ordinary word — “frozen” — which is also a colloquialism and not a term of art) that I think gets at what you are looking for.

Article 15.V.C., on page 67, lines 6-10, states:

“If an employee’s rate of pay is above the maximum of the new salary range, the rate will not change but will be frozen, and the employee will not receive any increase in base pay, specifically to include general wage increases. However, when the top step of the new range has risen to exceed the frozen rate of pay, the employee will be paid at the top step rate.”

Thank you for all of your attention. Our Work Matters!
Deirdre Mahoney-Clark
Local 88 President

[ Class Comp Study Data ]

Fair Shot Minimum Wage Day of Action – July 25th

On Saturday, July 25, supporters across the state will be heading into their communities to talk with their neighbors about why raising the minimum wage is important for hardworking Oregonians and their families. We’ll also be asking folks to pledge their support for raising the minimum wage.

Events will be happening in Portland, Eugene, Salem/Woodburn, Coos Bay, Bend, and Pendleton on Saturday, July 25th. All events will start at 10am. Sign up below!

Sign up: http://bit.ly/1RuLFcc

Portland Canvass
Oregon AFL-CIO
3645 SE 32nd Ave
Portland, OR 97202

AFSCME Veterans: We Want You!


Dear Friend:Are you a veteran?

More than 20 million Americans are. Our veterans, who share common experiences and unique needs, deserve our attention, gratitude and a place of honor in our union and our nation.

We are working to identify which of our leaders and members are veterans of U.S. military service so we may communicate with you about getting involved in issues that matter to veterans.

Please take a few moments and let us know if you are a veteran. If you know of any other AFSCME veterans, please give us their names so that they can also be included.

Please let us know if you are a veteran by answering this one-minute survey.

Thank you!

Gerry Fidler

Political Action Representative, AFSCME

UPDATE: AFSCME Local 88 Joins Nationwide Boycott of Staples

The nearly 3,000 Multnomah County employees represented by AFSCME Local 88 joined the nationwide boycott of the Staples office supply chain. 

In a letter to Staples CEO Ronald Sargent, Local 88 President Deirdre Mahoney-Clark said her union has voted to support the American Postal Workers Union in their call to boycott Staples, Inc.

Staples came under fire from unions for their pilot program that placed satellite post office branches in some 80 Staples stores nationwide that are staffed by Staples employees, not U.S. Postal Service personnel.

“We believe we have a right to postal services that are provided by uniformed USPS employees who have sworn an oath to safeguard our mail and who are accountable to the American people,” Mahoney-Clark told Sargent in her missive.

“We are opposed to turning good, living wage jobs into low-wage jobs. Our country needs more good jobs, not less!”

Mahoney-Clark concluded her letter to Sargent by telling him that until all postal counters in Staples stores are staffed by USPS employees, Local 88 “will take our business elsewhere.”

AFSCME — The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees — represents about 25,000 public and private sector workers in Oregon and some 1.6 million nationwide. The Executive Board of Oregon AFSCME Council 75, the umbrella organization for Local 88 and all other AFSCME-affiliated local unions in Oregon, had previously voted to endorse the boycott and suspended its corporate account with Staples.

On August 17, 2015  The NLRB ruled against the USPS in the Staples case. In a major blow to the Postal Service’s deal with Staples, Region 5 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued a complaint charging that the USPS illegally subcontracted work to the office-supply chain and ordering the agency to return the work that existed on July 31, 2014, to the APWU bargaining unit. A hearing is scheduled before an NLRB Administrative Law Judge on Aug. 17th.  https://www.apwu.org/news/web-news-article/nlrb-strikes-major-blow-usps-staples-deal