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Article 14 XI. Bilingual Pay – flexing our union contract muscle!

Ideally employees bring all their identities to their work at Multnomah County.  Often this means using their bilingual skills (written and verbal) to help support customers access much needed services.  Some employees report feeling exploited because they use their bilingual skills but aren’t properly compensated.  Our union contract includes language for addressing compensation for bilingual […]

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AFSCME Strong Week 2022 Wrap Up

From the President’s Message 2/18/2022: As members of Local 88, we all do vital work in our communities and to say thank you, a small and mighty group of union members worked together to plan and host AFSCME Strong Week. Please join me in thanking this group: Becky Lillie (DCA), Health Dept – Cynthia Arevalo, […]

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PAC Virtual Q&A Candidate Forum

We invite you to participate in Q&A Multnomah County Candidate Forum The virtual forum includes County Chair, Sheriff, Auditor, and Commissioner candidatesTuesday, February 15th, 6:15 pm – 8:30 pm The virtual Q&A Candidate forum is a time for Multnomah County workers to connect to learn more from each candidate and why they’re running for Multnomah County elected offices.  We invite […]

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