Attention Multnomah County Hybrid & Routine Teleworkers: Inclement weather, power/internet outages and leave time

During the inclement weather and County closures last week, we understand that many members lost power, internet or had a similar circumstance that prevented them from being able to work from home and were told by management that they had to use their accrued leave rather than administrative leave. We understand that this direction came from County Central Human Resources.

We disagree with the position that the County took on this and have informed them that this action violated our union contract. If they don’t remedy this situation by early next week and allow non-operationally essential teleworkers that were unable to work from home because of a power or internet outage to use administrative leave, we will file a grievance to make our members whole.

Please let us know if you experienced this type of situation and were told to use accrued leave by filling out the form below:

Local 88 Teleworkers & Inclement Weather 

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