Local 88 Election Committee Kudos

We want to extend a huge Thank You! to the Local 88 Election Committee for all of their hard work during the last election. Committee members spent countless hours preparing and running the election as well as going through a protest process during our most recent election. These volunteers worked to understand the complexity of the election process, revamped our notice process, offered an alternative voting method and ran a second election in a very short turn-around time.

“The smoothness with which this process occurred is due in large part to the efforts of the committee,” says President Jackie Tate.” We owe a great debt of gratitude to them for the countless hours they dedicated to ensure the process ran smoothly and within the rules.” Our union is volunteer driven and the responsibility of all of us to make it work well. We appreciate the dedication and commitment of these committee members for going above and beyond! 

Thank you to:

Robin Easton-Davis, committee chair
E Dominguez, committee member
Jessica Crowson, committee member
Maria Rodriguez Martinez, committee member


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