How to Become a Steward

Becoming a steward truly promotes positive changes in a member. Local 88 provides many opportunities for leadership development and becoming a steward is a sure way to meet people with many different leadership qualities and skills to share.

Congratulations! You want to become a steward. Here’s what you need to do:


Sign up for and attend the following mandatory training sessions at Sessions may be attended in the order available that works best for you. Bring a copy of your contract with you to the training, print or online version – found at

  • Introductory Steward Training
  • Knowing Your Contract
  • Filing a Grievance
  • Investigatory Meetings

How to cover your time

  • If the training session is offered during your scheduled work hours and you do not wish to use vacation to cover your absence, contact your lead steward to discuss how to request time off from your manager to attend the training and be reimbursed for your lost time by our union. 
  • If the training is on your day/time off you are not eligible for lost time. 
  • If you don’t work for Multnomah County your time won’t be reimbursed by the employer, you will have to fill out paperwork to be paid by Local 88 and you will receive a reimbursement check for your wages.

What's Next

Stewards who complete requirements outlined in the Local 88 Policies are eligible to receive a $75 monthly stipend.

Fill out and return the W-4 form to The AFSCME Local 88 Treasurer will send you an email with a W-4 form to complete and return.

More Information

Upon completion of the process County Labor Relations will be given notice of your appointment. Without this formal notification you are not recognized as a legal representative of the union, even if you have completed the training and sent in the questionnaire.

There are times when someone who volunteers to take on the duties of being a shop steward is not appointed. Some examples:

  • There are currently enough shop stewards for a given work unit
  • The volunteer has expressed personal concerns which are not representative of the union
  • There is a misunderstanding about the various roles and duties of being a shop steward

Questions? Contact the AFSCME Local 88 President or staff representative.