Local 88 Tentative Agreement Reached

We're very pleased to announce that we've reached a Tentative Agreement for the General Unit on a one year contract through June 30, 2021!

This agreement includes: 
A copy of the full Tentative Agreement is available for your review. Additionally power point presentation that was presented during the webinar on Wednesday evening is also available.
We, the bargaining team, recommend your yes vote!
You may be wondering why we are advocating for a 1 year contract extension and our answer would be that we find ourselves in uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic and all the associated changes and costs at Multnomah County. We started the bargaining process in September 2019 and had no idea we would find ourselves interrupted in March by a global pandemic. This has changed the landscape that we face currently and we proposed a 1 year extension of the current contract including a 2.9% COLA increase to provide some certainty to Local 88 union members while also recognizing that the future could look different and that would be hard for either party (Local 88 or Multnomah County management) to bargain beyond this year.  
We are doing our best to protect our membership during these uncertain times and will continue when we resume bargaining again in November 2020 for our future contract. We thank you for your support and solidarity during these uncertain times. Let us all remember, that it is through our union and our collective power that we will get through these challenging times together and we will not face the future alone.
Ratification Process
You should have already received an electronic ratification ballot through email or text message but if you have not, please email cabi@afscmelocal88.org if you have not. You must vote by Noon on July 1.
In Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Team

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