Appreciations from 2021 As We Look Forward to 2022

Expressing appreciation for your coworkers is a gift we can give every day. Read examples from union members who shared how the small things coworkers did in 2021 made a big difference in our work. We are stronger together.

My coworkers are amazing!!! Thank you for your dedication this year!!!

I appreciate the way my team responded to constant and continuous change.

I have had amazing support from my team this year!

Outreach works hard to engage our houseless community and is stellar with engagement and impact.

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I love the ability to telework and that my team has continued to use virtual tools to communicate and work together.

I've enjoyed getting to know and hanging out with my coworkers outside of work and being able to bond over shared stresses.

The County really cares about the Community.

My co workers really go the extra mile to serve our community.

Just grateful we all made it through 2020 and 2021☺️

Mental Health Consultants- the unsung heroes

I'm grateful that I'm a part of a team that has open communication at all levels where leadership leads by example.

My team has been super supportive with helping me learn new tasks.

To my team for keeping our patient’s health.

My team is The Best!

My biggest appreciation is when the people I work with consistently tell me how they appreciate the work I do.

Work from home!

My team has done an amazing job with the patients.

I am so thankful to the Office Administration team who has kept the office attended daily.

My team is amazing. They worked so hard thru the pandemic assisting consumers in a closing NF to find alternative placement.

My team in Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion is filled with thoughtful, intelligent, truly caring human beings.

Being able to telework as I am medically fragile, my team has been really supportive <3

Teamwork-we really work together to solve clients issues.

My team's compassion and empathy.

My team is passionate about what we do.

My work group has taken the chaos and anger of the last year and channeled it into making positive change.

I love my team, we are kind, supportive, smart and thoughtful.

My team puts our patrons first and I am proud to support that!

A huge shout out to those working in the field and who never got the opportunity to tele-work.

Janitorial staff are dedicated to the safety of our co-workers.

I appreciate all who worked so hard during this unprecedented time- especially kudos go out to all frontline workers.

The Community Health Workers have been on the front line of this pandemic since 2020-we see you-big thank you!

I love my team at NE Health Center we work very well together We have a great team!

My team always makes work fun and interesting while being insanely productive!

The Facilities Trades are AWESOME! They have worked in the field this last year and are subject to tear gas and harassment.

I appreciate the innovation, compassion and overall determination I saw in so many who work at the county during COVID and everyday

Every person on my team is so incredibly dedicated to serving our community!

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