Centering Democracy In Our Union

In 2022 you will begin to see small but important changes within your AFSCME Local 88 union. Improving communication and member engagement are central goals for Joslyn as your president. Other union leaders (cabinet members, eboard members and stewards) share in making this goal a reality. We will continue with holding our monthly e-board and general membership meetings online and seek to improve both access and the overall experience of these meetings. What you can do:

  • Click here to register for and attend monthly online e-board and general membership meetings. Please register by 6pm the Monday before the meeting and you will be sent the meeting link and agenda which contains all relevant documents.
  • Visit our website at and let us know what you like, what’s missing and how you want to help improve our communication – please complete this short survey to let us know your thoughts and ideas for making the website even better. Survey deadline extended to January 30, 2022.
  • Keep an eye out for the President’s messages. These are sent every couple weeks to the non-county email you have shared with the union. If you are not receiving emails, please email and provide your current personal email.  
  • Preparing for activism: When there are items to be voted on that require review we will seek to make these available on all union members who register at least 2 days before the applicable meeting (E-board or General Membership). Please make time to review the document so you are prepared to ask questions and vote.    
  • Improving communicationWe’ve heard your feedback that our AFSCME Local 88 website, and overall online presence needs an overhaul!  In response to your feedback, we’ve appointed Gayle Wilson as our Website Administration Lead. Gayle comes to us with experience in website management that she utilizes in her current role at (Health Department/WIC program). We are looking for members to join our Communications Committee, which meets virtually on (day and time). If you have skills or a passion for website development and maintenance, online marketing, or social media account management- consider joining us at the next Communications Committee Meeting!  To attend, please email to get the zoom meeting link.  To learn more, please review the most recent draft of our work plan

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