Changes to Local 88 Policies and Constitution

This message serves as notification that these changes will be discussed at the March 2, 2022 executive board meeting.

Please make time to review the changes (indicated in purple font) in each of these guiding documents. 

Changes to the constitution will be read aloud, as required at the  March 16, 2022 general membership meeting. At the April 20, 2022 general membership meeting members will have the opportunity to vote to approve the changes or send the document back to the Constitution Committee for more work.  Finally, a member can motion for this to be made a special order of business to be voted on at the May GM rather than “ballot boxes.” If passed it is sent to the IU for final approval.

Please note that all meetings will be held virtually until further notice. Please register using the link in the Events Calendar by 6 pm the Monday before the date of the meeting that you wish to attend.

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